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551[genpcfr] Re: Robert Williams and Mrs. Blackmore (HILL)

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  • Jewelle Baker
    Jan 18, 1999
      Hello Gayle... please advise me if you've had a response... or not...
      I'm just returning home and addressing a jillion emails... :) ... we have
      approx. 25 PCFR members (only a few online) who are researching WILLIAMS...
      Please keep in touch and good hunting!!
      Jewelle Baker

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      At 08:09 AM 1/1/99 -0500, you wrote:
      >From: Gayle Licari <cosmoz@...> (by way of "Carol P. Martoccia"
      >Happy New Year Everyone!!
      >I have a Williams line in the Pridgen family and, admittedly, have not
      >worked it thoroughly. Gayle Licari contacted me and is having tons of
      >trouble with it. I know that My Williams line is Robert Williams m. Mary
      >Harper in 1750. They have several children including Sarah Williams who
      >married Jesse Pridgen. They also had a Blaney Williams and a Robert
      >Williams. Now, Gayle has a Robert Williams who is married to a Sarah? and
      >who has a son named Blaney....Oh well, let me let her explain....Below is a
      >pasted version of her letter to me. Any suggestions to the both of us as to
      >where to go from here.....Careful NOW! :)
      >________________Gayle's letter________________________
      >I have been in touch with Charles Lucas who is an ancestor of Robert
      >Williams and
      >Mary Harper Williams via their son Blaney Williams and Mary Jane Draughon
      >---BTW___ I have a Walter Draughon father of my Bridget Draughon who
      >married Luke
      >WARD, SR. ))) and he was the one who told me about Robert Williams, Sr.
      >and that Robert Williams, Sr. died in 1793 in Old Dobbs County, NC
      >I believe my Blaney Williams b. 1821 is related to this family the only
      >thing is
      >proving it. Arthur Lott has a Dr. Benjamin Williams of Greene County, NC
      >who may
      >be related to this family also and he mentioned the name of the Plantation
      >foolishly I did not write it down. Dr. Benjamin Williams moved to Georgia or
      >I am at the point of asking Charlotte Carrere for professional help
      >regarding this
      >matter. My Blaney Williams first married Frances Ann KORNEGAY abt 1846/47
      >and had
      >two sons with her: James Cicero Williams and Francis Williams. Blaney
      >divorced her then married Mary C. KORNEGAY and according the 1860 census
      >were 3 children: William J. KORNEGAY and Georgianne Williams b. abt 1855
      >and John
      >B. Williams b. abt 1858 This is my original genealogy problem and I would
      >love to solve it. Any---Any help is greatly welcomed at this juncture. I am
      >living in Carson City, NV so I don't have access to lots of the records
      >needed to
      >find this information.
      >Please say hello to the MEWBORN sisters. I met them this summer while I
      >was home
      >at LCC. We have another mutal line the MOZINGO line they are working on
      >for their
      >nephew Dr. Quentin Mewborn whose Mother was a MOZINGO.
      >They are a delightful pair.
      > Gayle W. Licari
      >__________________________An earlier letter__________________
      >> >> At 09:59 PM 12/30/1998 -0800, you wrote:
      >> >> >Hello Carol,
      >> >> >Just thought I would try once again about Robert Williams and Mrs.
      >> >> >Blackmore do you know who any of their children were? I am searching
      >> >> >for the parents of my Blaney Williams b. 1821. Robert Williams was the
      >> >> >son Robert Williams and Mary Harper and grandson of Robert Williams and
      >> >> >Sarah_______ Any ---Any help or leads are most welcomed. Gayle W.
      >> >> >Licari
      >Carol Pridgen Martoccia

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