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17484Christopher Harrell

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  • Martha-Gay Morton
    Oct 1, 2009
      RE: genpcncfir message 10482 [I think] from Jo Webb Sept 1, 2003
      "Christopher Harrell Plantation" Evidently Christopher Harrell made a will which was probated in Edgecombe county. February Term 1844. Dated October 18, 1843
      Witnesses: Eaton Cobb, Joseph Cobb
      m. Margaret Cherry
      Slaves: Frank, Harmon, Eady
      Elizabeth Cherry
      Lewis and wife Tamsy Harrell [son]
      Jesse Harrell
      Davis Harrell [son]
      William Harrell
      Sarah [Sally] Brown [daughter]
      Martha Moore [daughter]
      Lucy Leigh [daughter, wife of Wm C. Leigh]
      Polly [Mary] Leigh [daughter]
      Nancy Harrell [daughter]
      Rebecca Moore [daughter]
      Martha Harrell, Lewelling Harrell, Margaret Harrell, Lewiza Harrell [grandchildren]
      Jesse Harrell, David Harrell, Martha Moore, Lucy Leigh, Polly Leigh, Nancy Harrell, Rebecca Moore, Sally Brown, Elizabeth Cherry, William Harrell, Lewis Harrell, Levi Harrell
      [lawful heirs].
      Got this off the net. I have not seen this will..
      Strongly suggest you look at the actual document for accuracy.

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