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  • Paula Baker
    Sep 4, 2009
      Dear Helpers,
      We believe many of our Bakers from Greene Co died young as a result of some epidemic, some between 1850 and 1860.  I have made some notes below.  The information in bold regarding Elijah Baker was given to me by Allen Churchill long ago.  I would appreciate any help.  What we are trying to do is go one generation farther back.  In other words, who was the father of Elijah Baker, William Baker, Bryant Baker, Willis Baker, Jesse Baker, and James Baker of Greene Co.  Did they have one father?  Are they at all related?  A Benjamin Baker lived in Greene Co before these people are listed on the census and could be the father of some of them.  We just need a clue!!!  Also a mystery is a Lewis Baker who appears in some of the records for Greene.  Also a Lemuel.  I think some of these Bakers could be related to Frederick Baker of Lenoir.  Also, in a Lenoir Co history book I read that an Abraham Baker of Lenoir had 13 sons.  Good grief.  He could
      be the father of all of them.  I don't know which Abraham Baker this is, but I'm assuming it's not the one born in around 1800 who lived in Pitt County.  This is an older Abraham Baker, perhaps the minister.  Maybe this is an Abraham Baker who moved away.  I just don't know.
      Sherod May who married Sarah Baker.  Who were Sarah Baker's parents?
      J. F or T. May who married Alice Baker.  Alice was the daughter of Elijah Baker and Mariah Hobbs.  Alice was born June 1, 1867. 
      Eliza Jane Baker, daughter of Elijah Baker and Mariah Hobbs, married, I think, a John Clemment/Clemmons, a tailor from Wilson County.  Only one child survived them.  Susan Clemmons.  Susan signed the mother's death certificate in 1916.  John Clemmons, the father, died young.  Eliza Jane Baker was born in Greene Co. 
      Also, Daniel Swinson and Nancy Baker had Martha Swinson in 1869.  Martha was born in Greene Co.
      Any info on any of these would be appreciated.
      Question:  Does the May book have any information about some of the older Bakers from Greene Co NC?  Some of those names are listed below.
      James Baker b. 1804 married ___________ and Harriet Pricillann Darden Moye, widow of Abram Moye. 
      Robert Baker b. about 1830 married Elizabeth Jones, called Eliza, I think.  Not sure about the Jones.  They had a child named Wiley Franklin Baker, called Frank, who married Bettie Taylor.  Elizabeth later married a Hardy Burress/Burriss.
      Bryant Baker b. abt. 1815 married Annette/Ritta Slaughter. 
      Willis Baker b. abt 1812 married Alice __________.  No children that we know of, but Fedora Grizzard lived with them in Greene Co.  Feddy/Fedora later married a Jackson.  No children that I know of.
      William Baker b. abt. 1790 married _________ and Fereby.  Had a Sarah Baker by first marriage.  Also had R. Haywood Baker.  They moved to Wayne Co NC by 1860.
      Jesse Baker b. abt. 1808 married Mary Polly Cherry of Edgecombe.  He was a Primitive Baptist elder.  Moved to Wilson Co NC by 1860 or 70. 
      Elijah Baker b. abt. 1795 married _________ and Mariah Hobbs.  Here is info Allen Churchill gave me on Elijah and Mariah Hobbs Baker:
      1.1 Eliga Baker, b. 1796, d. 1870-1880, m. 1st, abt. 1815, ____. They are listed on the 1830 and 1840 Greene Co census.
      2.1 Sarah Baker, b. 1834, living with father and stepmother on the 1850 Greene Co census, m. 1st, 1856, H D Harper. They are listed on the 1860 Greene Co census.
      Sarah m. 2nd, 1865, Richard M Wiggins (his 1st marriage). They are listed on the 1870 and 1880 Greene Co census, and the 1900 and 1920 Craven Co census.
      3.1 Maude Wiggins, b. 1866 in Grifton, d. Nov 7, 1931 in Beaufort Co, m. Bryan B Latham (his 2nd marriage), b. Mar 13, 1862, d. Oct 9, 1951 in Edwards, N C
      4.1 Hope Latham, b. Sept, 1893 m. June 29, 1917 in Beaufort Co, Jesse Thomas Tuten, b. Feb, 1885. They are listed on the 1920 Beaufort Co census
      5.1 Blanche Tuten, b. Mar 27, 1918 in Beaufort Co, d. June 6, 1946 in Lenoir Co, m. May 24, 1946, Samuel Alonzo Dudley
      6.1 Inez Dudley
      Eliga Baker m. 2nd, 1840-1850, Mariah ____, b. 1827. They are listed on the 1850 Greene Co census with his dau by 1st marriage, Sarah, 16, living with them. They are listed on the 1860 and 1870 Greene Co census
      2.2 Eliza J Baker, b. 1851
      2.3 Nancy A Baker, b. 1853
      2.4 Margaret Baker, b. 1856 m. 1873, William Joyner, b. 1851. They are listed on the 1880 Wilson, Black Creek, census
      3.1 Addie Joyner, b. 1874
      3.2 Ida Joyner, b. 1878
      3.3 Benjamin F Joyner, b. 1880
      2.5 Henry Baker, b. 1858, living with sister, Margaret Joyner, on the 1880 Wilson Co census
      2.6 Emly Baker, b. 1862
      2.7 Jesse J Baker, b. 1864, living with sister, Margaret Joyner, on the 1880 Wilson Co census
      2.8 Allice Baker, b. 1867

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