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17055Re: Order of naming children in North Carolina

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  • Margaret Smith
    Nov 5, 2008
      I've seen this traditional naming list for Scotland, and would guess that any families in North Carolina that used it were Scots immigrants. Even in such families, though, it would break down in some lines. Say a third son James, named for his father James, has children. His first son, named for his paternal grandfather, would be James also. And if the mother's father was also James, then the family really has to start looking elsewhere for names! A similar situation would arise with girls' names.I doubt that many, if any, families followed the pattern strictly for very long, however, it goes a long way toward explaining the confusion so many of us face with the same names appearing over and over in our genealogies, with mulitple cousins sharing the same name even in one generation!

      Margaret Lindsey Smith

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