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  • Evelyn Hendricks
    Apr 30, 2007
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      Thank you, Carol. I have checked most of the places you mention. Remember
      that this is a very early date for Georgia. What I am really trying to find
      is the Internet site that covers birth and baptism records for Salzburg and
      Austria. I just cannot recall the name of the site. All of my searches have
      produced nothing, but I know I saw it . It was one of the sites that you
      have to pay for. They were having their three days free trial period. It
      seems that it started with a “g.” Is there a site called something like
      “genealogy” that would have early records for European countries. The site I
      saw was in English except for the actual records that were photocopied.



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      Dear Evelyn,
      If your site search does not work, a good bet would
      be to check with a research librarian or archivists at
      the local libary in that part of Georgia.
      Another resource would be archives of the local
      newspaper: marriage columns and obituaries often fill
      in missing links.
      A third resource would be immigration related
      records like passenger lists from ships. These give
      the name, birthplace, age, and occupation of the
      I can run to the State Library of Virginia
      downtown, a hop skip and jump from me here, and go
      through its books of passenger lists. This library has
      since before I came here as a child always taken an
      avid interest in genealogical research. Consequently,
      it has lots of original documents and publications
      from other states.
      A fourth source would be land records. Those deeds
      have amazing biographical information completely
      unnecessary and unrelated to the property transfers
      they document, but oh what a treasure trove for people
      interested in the doings of their fellowman.
      A fifth source would be church records: baptisms,
      memberships, marriages, births, and deaths.
      I hope this information helps.
      My husband's family immigrated to this country from
      Austria and Bavaria. Two physicians in his family over
      a 40-year period put together an amazingly
      comprehensive volume covering each and every one of
      them, and this long before the age of the computer.
      The younger compiler actually visited the town of his
      ancestors' birth, met living kin, and learned a great
      deal from extensive interviews with the pastor of the
      church where many of his ancestors were buried. The
      citizens even ended up making him an honorary citizen
      of the town. I am sure that single act was more
      rewarding to him than anything his researches had
      turned up.
      Let me know if I can help.
      Later, Carol
      --- Evelyn Hendricks <rebh@... <mailto:rebh%40ec.rr.com> > wrote:

      > No, it was not Ancestry.com. It might have been one
      > of the other two. When I
      > click on your URL I get a page cannot be displayed
      > message. I will do a
      > Google for the site. Thank you for sending this.
      > Evelyn
      > _____
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      > Hi Evelyn,
      > Could it have been www.ancestry.com? Rootsweb also
      > has a site for
      > Salzburg genealogy at http://www.rootsweb
      > <http://www.rootsweb <http://www.rootsweb.com/~autsab/gen2.html.>
      > .com/~autsab/gen2.html. The
      > LDS site, www.familysearch.org might also be
      > helpful.
      > Patricia
      > --- In genpcncfir@yahoogro
      > <mailto:genpcncfir%40yahoogroups.com> ups.com,
      > "Evelyn Hendricks" <rebh@...>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Can anyone on this list tell me how to find the
      > best places to
      > search for
      > > someone born in 1730 in Salzburg? He came to
      > Effingham Co., Ga.
      > about 1748
      > > or 1749. Someplace on the Internet I found a
      > posting of church
      > records which
      > > showed a lot of baptisms and births in Salzburg. I
      > think his name
      > was among
      > > them, but I cannot find that site again. The site
      > was one of those
      > you have
      > > to pay to use, but they were having a three-day
      > free trial. I
      > wanted to
      > > subscribe to it, but I became ill and it was quite
      > some time before
      > I got
      > > back to the computer. By that time I was no longer
      > sure of the
      > site. I first
      > > heard about this site on one of my lists but I
      > cannot seem to find
      > it in the
      > > Archives.
      > >
      > > Any help in finding this site or any help or
      > suggestions on how to
      > find the
      > > individual would be greatly appreciated.
      > >
      > > Evelyn Hendricks
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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