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  • Carol Singh
    Sep 5, 2006
      Dear Trish,
      We had a couple of hundred or so houses under water
      when a sewage line backed up. This neighborhood was
      about a mile from me. I felt awfully sorry for those
      people. One man had put an addition on his house. The
      carpenters left just hours before the hurricane
      struck. His entire house, addition and all, was
      ruined. Most in the neighborhood suffered nearly total
      or total losses.
      For the rest, this entire area has an abundance of
      old trees. Again we were devastated by the number of
      toppled trees. In returning home from work Friday, I
      had to detour because one of these trees had fallen
      across the road. Residents could not return home until
      the tree had been removed. There was no other route to
      take, no detour.
      Fortunately, there were few injuries and even fewer
      Later, Carol

      --- Trish Worthington Cobb <turniproots@...>

      > Weatherman Marvin projects the track of Ernesto will
      > go directly over
      > Greenville (Pitt County) early in the morning, so I
      > think
      > Jacksonville is in the direct path. Not too worried
      > here, but we
      > expect over 6 inches of rain here and up to 9 inches
      > in the northern
      > NC counties of the storm's path. We have already had
      > 3 inches.
      > Stay alert for tornadoes throughout the night.
      > There are warnings
      > out now for Perquimans County (at 11:40 p.m.).
      > Stay dry everybody.
      > Trish
      > On Aug 31, 2006, at 11:10 PM, Brenda Stocks wrote:
      > > Evelyn, I'm thinking about you and wishing you
      > well. I lived on
      > > Barbour's Point between downtown Swansboro and the
      > Bear Island
      > > Ferry dock for about 8 years. I was there the
      > summer of '96 when
      > > our area was devastated by Bertha and Fran. You're
      > right ....Onslow
      > > Beach, Jacksonville and Swansboro were hardly
      > mentioned.....it was
      > > all about Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach.
      > > I hope you stay safe and have minimal
      > damage......and I certainly
      > > hope you aren't without power very long. (we were
      > without
      > > electricity two weeks after Bertha)
      > > Brenda
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      > > From: Evelyn Hendricks
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      > > Sent: Thursday, August 31, 2006 9:09 PM
      > > Subject: Re: [genpcncfir] Some thoughts on the
      > Indian Wars, and
      > > the Weather, of course...
      > >
      > >
      > > Catherine,
      > > Ernesto is supposed to hit us here in
      > Jacksonville, NC in about
      > > an hour. It will probably not be a direct hit
      > since we are inland a
      > > little, but the beaches will get the brunt of it.
      > Of course, the
      > > news media is saying Wilmington. They don't know
      > we exist. It will
      > > probably skirt around the edge of Wilmington
      > unless it changes
      > > course. We are already losing television
      > reception. I don't know
      > > how much longer the electricity will be on.
      > > I'm glad it did not like your area. I hope it
      > does not like us
      > > too much and will soon leave and go somewhere
      > else.
      > > Evelyn
      > >

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