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  • Lou-BB
    Dec 3, 2005
      I found your Indian Heritage article very interesting. I'm putting together
      another book called, "Elm City RFD, not Mayberry," and I mention the
      Tuscarora Indians. Small world!~!~! Lou-BB.
      The following was written by Mr. J.T. Watson:
      The History of Toisnot-Elm City from 1873-1932
      By J. T. Watson 1931
      Perhaps it will be of interest to some to know that the town of Elm City was
      first named Toisnot. It was in the year of our Lord 1873 that Toisnot came
      into existence. It is situated in the northeastern part of Wilson County, on
      the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad. Toisnot is an Indian name that was given
      by them to a swampy creek, which has been noted for the abundance of fish
      and snakes.

      Tradition tells us that when the Tuscarora Indians inhabited this section
      that they were crossing this swamp at or near where the railroad crosses it,
      they came to a shady ledge and decided to rest. While sitting there an
      Indian Squaw spied a huge snake lying on a boulder nearby, sprang to her
      feet and exclaimed "TOSS NOT," meaning in their language to "TARRY NOT."
      From that day to this the stream has been known as "Toisnot Swamp." Though
      spelled Toisnot it is pronounced Toss-Not.

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      > Before arrival of Raleigh's colonist the Tuscarora Confederacy, of
      Iroquoian Stock were in control of practically all of NC, from the coastal
      plains west of the band of low-lying coastal swamps to the piedmont, and
      from the present Va. line southward to the Cape Fear River.
      > There were hundreds of villages of Tuscarora, on every waterway and
      tributary in NC. The villages were spaced twenty to thirty miles from each
      other, so that each village would have room to hunt and fish without
      dwindling the natural resources.
      > The Tuscarora had a matriarchal society, consisting of Clans. The child
      always followed the mothers Clan and mating within the same Clan was
      prohibited. Each village or Clan had their own Chief, Sub or War Chief,
      Shaman, Medicine people, and Council, chosen by the Clan Mothers.
      > The Tuscarora ranged 50 to 100 miles from their towns along the Roanoke,
      Tar-Pamlico, Haw and Neuse river to fish and gather, and hunt. Traders also
      followed trails from the coast to the foothills, exercising a monopoly on
      trade between the coast and the piedmont. Sometimes the Tuscarora built
      towns for hunting quarters. The Tuscarora language was understood by most
      tribes and was the trade language used, and also the Tuscaroras's were
      referred to by the white men as the first "five percent men". Meaning they
      charged passage through their country, on their ferry systems, in which
      large hemp ropes lay across rivers, and creeks and log barges were pulled
      across. A copy of this system still exists today called the Sans Souci
      Ferry in Bertie County, North Carolina.
      > Source:Tuscarora Southern Ban Indidan Tribe
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