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11310Re: [genpcncfir] Why do we do this genealogy stuff?!?

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  • Carol Singh
    Mar 8, 2004
      Dear Louise, My feelings exactly. The very first time
      I went to http://www.rootsweb.com/~ncpcfr and read
      Roger Kammer's deed notes and the Joyner Library
      Eastern Reflector and Daily Reflector article
      abstracts from 1882 to about 1906 (and it took me some
      weeks), I was hooked! I began living in two centuries
      at the same time. Everything I had ever wanted to know
      began falling into my lap. To realize that I was
      learning things about my grandparents and great aunts
      and uncles that even my mother never knew definitely
      broke the time barrier. Every spare minute (and some
      minutes that I really can't spare) I've been doing
      research on our families and learning from our kin.
      The lives of our families acquire meaning and value
      through our research, and our dead are restored to us.
      Who could ever ask for more? Additionally, there is
      the sense of being more than individuals--of having
      roots, of living many lives, and of having lived many
      lives. Later, Carol
      --- Louise Champion <champright@...> wrote:
      > I'm not fooled. I know why I do it. Learning about
      > the family is like reliving it with them. My mother
      > died in 1983. That is when I started my genealogy
      > studies. I have tried to learn everything I can
      > about
      > her and my father's families.
      > Both my families go way back in this North Carolina
      > area, even before it was Pitt County. I have the
      > first "Chronicles of Pitt County" and just reading
      > through it I can almost relive my mother and
      > father's
      > early years. I feel that I know them better now
      > than
      > when they were alive. Now I know why my mother and
      > father were such sweet, kind and hard working
      > people.
      > They just come by it naturally. They are from Pitt
      > County, North Carolina.
      > What great people those Pitt County folks were. I
      > live in Northern California and believe me there is
      > a
      > difference. Louise
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