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  • lisascarola
    Mar 2, 2004

      Maudrin "Maude", was the daughter of Archibald D and Chloe Galloway
      McGowan. Do you think she died before he married Jenny, do you know
      if he had any children prior to their marriage?


      --- In genpcncfir@yahoogroups.com, Carol Singh
      <csinghworthington@y...> wrote:
      > Dear Cousin Lisa, I believe she was! Can you imagine?
      > I'm wondering who Maude's parents were. The Andersons,
      > Mama said, were very close friends of the McGowans. An
      > aunt, as I understand it, of Charles Anderson who was
      > a dear friend of Jacky Ann McGowan actually introduced
      > her nephew to Grandma Jenny. Not many months later,
      > the couple was engaged. For whatever reason, after the
      > marriage ceremony, Grandma Jenny refused to go home
      > with her groom (according to Mama) but went back home
      > with her own family while everyone tried to pursuade
      > her to give the marriage a chance. The story about
      > "Big foot Worthington is also interesting since so
      > many of the Worthington men (and a few of the
      > daughters) had big feet. Uncle Mark, for example, wore
      > a 16A with a quad A heel! Mama had to order his shoes!
      > I doubt if many Worthingtons had larger feet than his,
      > though he was never known by any nickname! Later,
      > Carol--- lisascarola <feonadorf@c...> wrote:
      > > Emily Carol,
      > >
      > > Was your grandmother Jennette married to the same
      > > Charles Anderson,
      > > who had previously to Maudrin "Maude" McGowan. I
      > > recieved an email to
      > > day that asked me some questions about him. I will
      > > forward the email
      > > to you because I know you will find it interesting.
      > > I'm just waiting
      > > to hear back from the author to see if it's ok.
      > >
      > > Cousin,
      > > Lisa
      > >
      > >
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