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[GECCO 2013] EvoRobocode Competition CFP

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  • Daniele Loiacono
    Our apologies if you receive multiple copies of this announcement. ... EvoRobocode Competition to be held as part of the 2013 Genetic and Evolutionary
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      Our apologies if you receive multiple copies of this announcement.
      EvoRobocode Competition

                         to be held as part of the

          2013 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO-2013) 

                          July 6-10, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

                         Organized by ACM SIGEVO


      EvoRobocode challenges you to apply Evolutionary Computation to design a 
      competitive robot tank for the Robocode game!

      Robocode is a programming game, where the goal is developing in Java a 
      robot tank to fight against other tanks. Battles can be either run in 
      real-time and displayed on the screen or run in a batch mode without 
      Robocode also features an on-line tournament system to rank developed 
      To make the competition among robots more fair, each tank belongs to 
      different categories based on its code size. Accordingly, only robots 
      with a similar degree of complexity are allowed to battle together.


      Each team can enter the competition with one robot tank.
      Robot tanks are Java program developed using the APIs provided with the 
      standard distribution of Robocode (http://robocode.sourceforge.net/)

      Robocode, allows different category of robot tanks based on the size of 
      the code, but for EvoRobocode we accept only tanks in the Nano bot 
      robot tanks with a code size not larger than 250 bytes (where  the code 
      size has to be computed as described at: http://goo.gl/IbSnU).

      Each entrant is free to use any tool, approach or method desired to 
      develop his own robot tank as long as the final result is a valid robot 
      tank according to the RoboRumble specifications 
      must be possible to submit the entry to the RoboRumble tournament without 
      any modification.


      A submission to EvoRobocode involves two different steps.

      First, each entrant has to submit its own entry to the RoboRumble 1-vs-1 
      tournament (instructions to enter the RoboRumble are available at 

      Second, entrants have to submit to evorobocode@... the
      following materials:

        1. the name used to submit the entry to the RoboRumble 1-vs-1 tournament
        2. a package containing the robot tank and including the source code
        3. a brief writeup (2 pages max) describing the entry and the approach 
           used to develop it 

      All submissions should be sent to evorobocode@... by 
      June 21, 2013.


      Each entry will be scored by a panel of judges according to the following 

       - 50% Performance, i.e., on ranking in RoboRumble tournament
       - 30% Relevance, i.e., to what extent EC was relevant in the development
                process of the robot
       - 20% Novelty, i.e., how novel is the approach used

      *Important Dates*

      Submission deadline: June 21, 2013
      Results will be announced during GECCO 2013 (July 06-10, 2013)

      *Further Information*

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