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Call for participation: Multi-objective PTSP Competition, CIG 2013 (August, Niagara Falls, Canada)

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  • Diego Perez
    Dear all, We are happy to announce that the 2013 Muti-objective PTSP Competition ( http://www.ptsp-game.net/) is now open and ready to accept submissions. This
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 8, 2013
      Dear all,

      We are happy to announce that the 2013 Muti-objective PTSP Competition (http://www.ptsp-game.net/) is now open and ready to accept submissions. This competition is organised by Diego Perez and Simon Lucas, from the University of Essex, UK.

      This year, the competition is held in the Conference on Computational Intelligence in Games (CIG-2013), that will be celebrated this August in Niagara Falls, Canada. Remember that as competitors you have the opportunity to submit a paper to the conference, describing your submission.

      The Multiobjective PTSP Competition is a real-time game, where the player drives a ship that must collect all 10 waypoints scattered around the maze full of obstacles. The goal is to minimize three objectives, all of them equally important:
        * Time taken to visit all waypoints.
        * Fuel consumption.
        * Damage taken by the ship.

      Inline image 1

      The game and rules are fully described in the webpage. As in the 2012 competition, several sets of maps are prepared in the server to evaluate your controllers. There is a preliminary submission server, whose maps will be changed periodically to avoid overfitting, where you can submit, test and compare your controller with the ones from other participants. The set of maps that will be used for the final evaluation (and thus, to decide the winner) will be hidden to the participants. You can start downloading the code and submitting an entry from this moment on. 

      Furthermore, three parallel tracks will be running for this competition: bot competition, human competition and human vs. bot competition. As in previous editions, you will be able to play the game in an applet in the webpage, and compare the performance of the submitted bots with your plays in the starter kit maps.

      Some useful links:
       - Software (starter kit: documentation, framework, sample controllers and maps).
       - Play the game in the applet.
       - Submit your controller and get ranked.

      I hope you enjoy this competition! Should you have any problem with the code, rules or webpage, please do not hesitate to write in our google group or email me directly.

      Best of luck!
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