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IEEE CIG deadline extended to 7 April

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  • Julian Togelius
    Due to requests, expectations, and the deadline extension of related conferences the CIG deadline has been extended until April 7 CALL FOR PAPERS IEEE
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 15, 2013
      Due to requests, expectations, and the deadline extension of related
      conferences the CIG deadline has been extended until April 7

      IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games
      CIG 2013
      Niagara Falls, Canada, 11-13 August 2013

      Games are an ideal domain for the study of computational intelligence.
      They are not only fun to play and interesting to observe, but they
      also provide competitive and dynamic environments that model many
      real-world problems. The 2013 IEEE Conference on Computational
      Intelligence and Games brings together leading researchers and
      practitioners from academia and industry to discuss recent advances
      and explore future directions in this field. The financial support of
      the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society is pending.

      PAPER SUBMISSION 7 April 2013
      CONFERENCE START 11 August 2013


      General Chair: Dan Ashlock/University of Guelph
      Technical Chairs: Julian Togelius/IT University of Copenhagen
      Graham Kendall/University of Nottingham
      Competitions Chair: Philip Hingston/Edith Cowan University
      Finance Chair: Wendy Ashlock/York University
      Proceedings Chair: Joseph Brown/University of Guelph
      Tutorial Chair: Clare Bates Congdon/University of Southern Maine

      General Contact: dashlock@...
      Contest Proposals: phi@...
      Tutorial Proposals: congdon@...


      Researchers are invited to submit high quality papers on original
      research in the intersection of computational intelligence and games.
      Computational intelligence must play a strong role in any accepted
      papers. Accepted papers will be indexed in IEEE Explore.


      Learning in games
      Coevolution in games
      Neural network approaches for games
      Fuzzy logic approaches for games
      Player/opponent modeling in games
      Computational and artificial intelligence based game design
      Multi-agent and multi-strategy learning
      Applications of game theory
      Computational intelligence for player affective modeling
      Intelligent interactive narrative
      Imperfect information and non-deterministic games
      Player satisfaction and experience in games
      Theoretical or empirical analysis of
      CI techniques for games
      Computational intelligence for non-player characters in games
      Comparative studies and game-based benchmarking
      Computational intelligence based digital design assistants
      Automatic creation of modules or game levels

      Computational and artificial intelligence in:
      Video games
      Board and card games
      Economic or mathematical games
      Serious games
      Augmented and mixed-reality games
      Games for mobile platforms

      Want to ask if a topic is in scope? Contact: dashlock@...

      Julian Togelius
      Associate Professor
      IT University of Copenhagen
      Rued Langgaards Vej 7, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark
      mail: julian@..., web: http://julian.togelius.com
      mobile: +46-705-192088, office: +45-7218-5277
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