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SoCS 2013 Call for Papers and Participation

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  • Gabriele Röger
    [Apologies if you receive multiple copies of this email. Please distribute this call to interested parties.] *Updates since the first call:* - Travel support
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      [Apologies if you receive multiple copies of this email. Please
      distribute this call to interested parties.]

      *Updates since the first call:*

      - Travel support for students has been confirmed.
      - A photo of the beautiful venue are now available online:

      July 11-13, 2013
      Leavenworth, WA, USA

      SoCS 2013 is the sixth installment of the International Symposium on
      Combinatorial Search. For more information on the event see
      http://socs13.search-conference.org/. Heuristic search and other forms
      of combinatorial search are currently very active areas of research in
      artificial intelligence, planning, robotics, constraint programming,
      operations research, bioinformatics, and other areas of computer
      science. SoCS is meant to bring researchers from these areas together
      to exchange their ideas and cross-fertilize the field.

      Topics of Interest

      Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

      Analysis of search algorithms
      Automated synthesis of lower bounds
      Bounding and pruning techniques
      Combinatorial puzzles
      Continuous problem solving
      External-memory and parallel search
      Incremental and active learning in search
      Meta-reasoning and search
      Methodology and critiques of current practice
      Model-based search
      Random vs. systematic search strategy selection
      Portfolios of search algorithms
      Real-time search
      Search focus in goal-directed problem solving
      Search space discretization for continuous state-space problems
      Self-configuring and self-tuning algorithms
      Symmetry handling
      Time, memory, and solution quality trade-offs

      Special Scope This Year: Graph Search Engineering

      Previous SoCS events have provided a special focus on automated
      planning (2010), search in robotics (2011), and grid-based path
      planning (2012). This year, SoCS specifically invites submissions from
      researchers in the algorithm engineering community and related areas
      that work on graph search problems and other combinatorial search
      problems that fit the scope of SoCS.

      In the past, a large part of the audience of SoCS has had an AI
      background, and SoCS has traditionally collocated with the AAAI and
      IJCAI conferences. Our aim with this special scope is to build bridges
      between AI researchers and algorithmicists who work on similar topics
      and usually present their work at venues like the Symposium on
      Experimental Algorithmics.

      Paper Submission

      We encourage researchers to submit two categories of papers to the
      symposium: original papers and recently published papers from other

      * Original papers: we welcome technical papers that report on
      substantial original research as well as position papers discussing
      ideas and concepts related to search. Examples of position papers
      could include thoughtful critiques of the field, historical
      perspectives and analysis, technical discussions of various
      implementation techniques, methodological contributions, and
      insightful reports on new and demanding applications.

      Please read the section "Requirements for Original Papers" for
      formatting and submission requirements for original papers.

      * Previously published papers: in order to foster the exchange of
      ideas at SoCS, we encourage authors to submit papers describing new
      research which has been reported in other venues in the last year.
      Papers that have been accepted for publication at another venue but
      are not yet officially published can also be submitted in this
      category. Papers that are currently under review cannot be
      submitted. Papers in this category are not republished in the SoCS
      proceedings. However, an extended abstract can be published if the
      authors desire this.

      Please read the section "Requirements for Previously Published
      Papers" for formatting and submission requirements for previously
      published papers.

      Papers related to the special scope of this year's symposium are
      welcome in both categories.

      SoCS papers should be submitted to:

      All submissions must be formatted in AAAI style

      SoCS 2013 is held in cooperation with AAAI and has formal archival
      proceedings published by AAAI Press.

      Requirements for Original Papers

      Original papers will be carefully peer-reviewed by at least three
      reviewers. SoCS 2013 will follow a double-blind review process for
      original papers, and hence authors of original papers are required to
      omit author information from their submissions and anonymize obvious
      self-references. Non-anonymous submissions may be rejected without

      Original papers can be submitted as full papers or research abstracts:

      * Full papers may be up to 8 pages in length, plus an additional page
      for references only.

      * Research abstracts may be up to 2 pages in length including
      references. They should report on ongoing but already mature work.

      Publication of a research abstract in the SoCS 2013 proceedings
      generally allows publishing a full paper on the same line of
      research at SoCS 2014 or other venues.

      If the work cannot be thoroughly evaluated on the basis of the
      abstract alone, authors may attach a longer version (up to 8 pages
      plus 1 page for references), which will be considered by the
      reviewers but not included in the SoCS proceedings. Such an
      attachment must also be anonymized. In this case, upload the
      research abstract as the "paper" and the longer version for the
      reviewers as the "attachment" in EasyChair.

      Requirements for Previously Published Papers

      Previously published papers will undergo a light reviewing process in
      order to ensure that they are of interest to the SoCS community and
      that the optional extended abstract (see below) meets the required
      quality standards. Because they are already published, these papers
      cannot be submitted anonymously.

      Previously published paper are submitted via the conference's
      EasyChair submission site just like original papers. Please fill in
      the original title and a complete and meaningful abstract. The
      abstract should mention the venue at which the paper was previously
      published if this is not obvious from the paper itself.

      Previously published papers may be submitted with or without an
      original extended abstract. Extended abstracts may be up to 2 pages in
      length including references. We emphasize that this is an upper limit.
      A minimal abstract of less than one column is perfectly acceptable.

      In EasyChair, please submit the extended abstract (if one is provided)
      as the "paper" and the originally published paper as the "attachment".

      If the paper is accepted for presentation at the symposium, the
      extended abstract (if one was submitted) will be included in the SoCS
      2013 proceedings. The paper itself will not be reprinted in the

      Travel Support for Students

      SoCS is a student-friendly event, and we strongly encourage students
      to attend.

      We have secured travel support funds to help students attend SoCS
      2013. Information on eligibility criteria and how to apply for
      financial support will be posted on the SoCS web page later.

      Dates and Location

      SoCS will be collocated with AAAI 2013 and SARA 2013 and will take
      place in Leavenworth, WA, USA. The symposium will start with an
      opening reception on the evening of July 11 and will finish in the
      late afternoon of July 13.

      Transportation to the AAAI conference will be provided at the end of
      the symposium. The SARA symposium will be held at the same venue as
      SoCS, and a joint program is planned for July 12 (the second day of
      technical sessions for SARA and the first day of technical sessions
      for SoCS).

      Important Dates

      Abstract submission deadline: April 4, 2013, 11:59PM UTC-12
      Paper submission deadline: April 11, 2013, 11:59PM UTC-12
      Notification: May 17, 2013
      Early registration deadline: May 22, 2013
      Camera-ready papers due: May 31, 2013
      Late registration deadline: June 24, 2013
      SoCS conference: July 11-13, 2013 (technical program: July 12-13)

      SoCS web site: http://socs13.search-conference.org/

      SoCS 2013 Chairs

      Conference chairs:
      Malte Helmert, University of Basel, Switzerland
      Gabriele Röger, University of Basel, Switzerland

      Local arrangements:
      Mausam, University of Washington, USA

      SoCS 2013 Program Committee

      Christer Bäckström, Linköping University, Sweden
      Roman Barták, Charles University, Czech Republic
      Hannah Bast, University of Freiburg, Germany
      Kostas Bekris, Rutgers University, USA
      J. Benton, Smart Information Flow Technologies (SIFT)
      Blai Bonet, Universidad Simon Bolivar, Venezuela
      Daniel Borrajo, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
      Adi Botea, IBM Research, Dublin, Ireland
      Ethan Burns, University of New Hampshire, USA
      Rina Dechter, University of California, Irvine, USA
      Daniel Delling, Microsoft Research Silicon Valley, USA
      Stefan Edelkamp, University of Bremen, Germany
      Ariel Felner, Ben-Gurion University, Israel
      Alex Fukunaga, The University of Tokyo, Japan
      Hector Geffner, ICREA & Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain
      Carla Gomes, Cornell University, USA
      Jörg Hoffmann, Saarland University, Germany
      Robert Holte, University of Alberta, USA
      Eric Huang, Palo Alto Research Center, USA
      Frank Hutter, University of British Columbia, Canada
      Riko Jacob, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
      Lydia Kavraki, Rice University, USA
      Philip Kilby, NICTA and Australian National University, Australia
      Akihiro Kishimoto, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
      Peter Kissmann, Universität des Saarlandes, Germany
      Sven Koenig, University of Southern California, USA
      Richard Korf, University of California at Los Angeles, USA
      Carlos Linares López, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
      Robert Mattmüller, University of Freiburg, Germany
      Martin Müller, University of Alberta, Canada
      Héctor Palacios, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
      Wheeler Ruml, University of New Hampshire, USA
      Lorenza Saitta, Universita del Piemonte Orientale, Italy
      Roni Stern, Ben-Gurion University, Israel
      Nathan Sturtevant, University of Denver, USA
      Jordan Thayer, Smart Information Flow Technologies (SIFT)
      Jur van den Berg, University of Utah, USA
      Toby Walsh, NICTA and UNSW, Australia
      William Yeoh, New Mexico State University, USA
      Rong Zhou, Palo Alto Research Center, USA
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