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CFP EcMusic 2013

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  • Francisco Fernandez de Vega
    CALL FOR PAPERS WORKSHOP ON Evolutionary Music: EcMusic to be held as part of the 2013 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO-2013) July 6-13,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 2013

         WORKSHOP ON Evolutionary Music:  EcMusic

                      to be held as part of the

       2013 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO-2013)
                     July 6-13, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

                      Organized by ACM SIGEVO

       Submission Deadline for this workshop: March 28th, 2012

      New Orleans offered the perfect place to launch the first EcMusic Workshop,
      where research was shown, and EC-generated music was performed and listened to.
      Philly held the place for the second edition of the workshop.

      This year Amsterdam will be the place for the third edition of the workshop, which
      will be held in cooperation with GECCO 2013.

      Music provides a perfect area of research for Evolutionary Computation.
      A number of problems are present and still open to new
      proposals, such as:

       * Generative Music Composition.
       * Creative Intelligence applied to music.
       * Evolutionary Music Modeling.
       * Rhythmic structure and Key analysis.
       * Music Transcription.
       * Music Improvisation.
       * Music Genre classification.
       * Music mood analysis.
       * Optimization of Music Performance.
       * Sound synthesis.
       * Machine learning methods for audio content analysis.
       * Automatic tagging of audio signals.
       * Content-based audio retrieval.
       * Music information retrieval.
       * Music recommendation.
       * User interfaces for music management and retrieval.
       * Intelligent audio effects.
       * Audio restoration.
       * Etc.

      The workshop aims particularly at providing a place where the research
      is not only shown but also performed. Authors will thus be encouraged
      to send both regular papers describing new approaches and results,
      along with audio records allowing to appreciate the quality of the


      Please submit original research results papers not published or
      submitted for publication in other forums. All submitted papers will
      be carefully evaluated based on originality and quality.

      Paper should be a maximum of 8 pages and conform to the same
      ACM formatting requirements as for regular papers.
      Details and templates can be obtained at the GECCO website.
      Accepted Workshop papers will be published in the GECCO 2013 Companion Material,
      included with the proceedings on a CD, and also in the ACM Digital Library.
      Papers should be submitted as a single PDF file via email to gustavo.reis@...


      Paper Submission: 28th March 2013
      Paper Notification of Acceptance: 15th April 2013
      Paper Camera Ready Submission: 25th April
      Copyright Form Submission: 25th April

      * GECCO-2012 Workshops: 6th & 7th July 2013
      * GECCO-2012 Conference: 6th to 13th July 2013

      GECCO is sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery Special
      Interest Group on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation (SIGEVO). SIG
      Services: 2 Penn Plaza, Suite 701, New York, NY, 10121, USA,
      1-800-342-6626 (USA and Canada) or +212-626-0500 (Global).

      Workshop Co-Chairs:

      * Gustavo Reis, Polytechnic Institute of Leiria.
      * Francisco Fernández de Vega, University of Extremadura.
      * Carlos Cotta, University of Malaga.

      Symposium on Computational Intelligence for Creativity and Affective Computing
      IEEE Symposium Series in Computational Intelligence.


      Dr. Francisco Fernández de Vega.
      Senior Member IEEE.

      Titular de Universidad.  Associate Professor.
      Departamento de Tecnología de los Computadores y de las Comunicaciones.
      Universidad de Extremadura.
      Tf:    924 38 70 68
      Fax: 924 30 37 82
      Centro Universitario de Mérida.
      C/Sta. Teresa de Jornet, 38.
      06800 Mérida - Badajoz.

      e-mail: fcofdez@...
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