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Papers are invited for the Volume 1 Issue 3 September-October 2012

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    ...................Sorry if Multiple Copies Receive................ International Journal of Latest Research in Science and Technology An International,
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      ...................Sorry if Multiple Copies Receive................

      International Journal of Latest Research in Science and Technology

      An International, Bimonthly,Online, Free Access, Peer Reviewed ,Scientific Research Journal 
      ISSN: 2278-5299

      Dear   Researcher/Academician/M.Tech  Students


      (IJLRST, ISSN 2278–5299 Online) are inviting you to submit  research paper for publishing in Volume 1, Issue 3, September - October, 2012.


      Important Dates

      Submission Deadlines                       :   15 October, 2012
      Acknowledgement:                           :  Within 12 hours after submission       
      Acceptance /Rejection of Paper        :  Within 7 days after submission.
      Online Publishing:                            :    25-31 October,2012


      Published paper will be indexed in numerous search engines worldwide like Google, Yahoo,  scinececentral.com and many more.....

      Please Click on the following link to visit IJLRST Author Guide Lines.


      Please Click on the following link to visit IJLRST Expert Editorial Board.



      About IJLRST

      The International Journal of Latest Research in Science and Technology, ISSN 2278–5299(Online), is the official journal of MNK Publication, It devoted to the publication of high quality research papers on theoretical as well as practical developments in all engineering and Science disciplines. IJLRST is approved by National Science Library (NSL), National Institute of Science Communication And Information Resources (NISCAIR), Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi, India.

          IJLRST is blind peer reviewed international journal publishing. The IJLRST covers all areas of Engineering, Science and Technology. The IJLRST reviews papers within 6 Days of submission. We have the international editorial board. Our motto to encourage the Academician, Researcher, Engineers and Scholar for published their work in our journal, So that they may get the reward of that.


       Submission Procedure

        The authors are kindly invited to submit full text papers including results, tables, figures and references in IJLRST Paper Template Format (attached here with).The Author can submit their manuscript electronically through the email_Id   
          submission.ijlrst@...  or editor.ijlrst@...   

      For More information  related to the submission of  your manuscript click here Author Guideline

       Download Paper Format     

      Please Read Author Instruction before sending your paper 


      The scope of the Journal Includes following  thrust areas of Engineering ,Science and Technology 

      Software Engineering  ,  Computer Engineering , Electronics & Communication Engineering ,  Biological Engineering ,  Chemical Engineering ,  Textile Engineering,Industrial Engineering, Engineering Science, Agricultural engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering,Information Technology,Applied Engineering , Electrical Engineering , Automobile Engineering , Molecular engineering , Petroleum engineering , Bio Technology , Astrophysics Science , Cartography Science , Chemistry Science , Optics Science ,  Pathology Science , Neurology Science , Genetics Science , Geochemistry Science , Physiology Science , Geography Science , Thermodynamics Science ,  Microbiology Science , Optics Science , Paleontology Science , Pathology Science  , Petrology Science, Pharmacology Science , Physics Science , Psychology Science , Radiology Science , Robotics Science , Seismology Science , Spectroscopy Science , Systematic Science and other related fields.....



      With Profound Regard

      Editor in Chief
      International Journal of Latest Research in Science and Technology
      ISSN 2278–5299 (Online)

      Email: editor.ijlrst@...
      Paper Submission Email: submission.ijlrst@...


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