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Postdoc: Evolution and computation, IST Austria

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  • Nick Barton
    ... Nick Barton IST Austria Am Campus 1 Klosterneuburg 3400 phone: (43)2243 9000 3001 www.ist-austria.ac.at A postdoctoral position is available, for research
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2011

      A postdoctoral position is available, for research at the interface between evolutionary biology and computer science.  The position is  funded by an ERC Advanced Grant "Limits to selection in biology and in evolutionary computation", and addresses a variety of questions: How efficiently can natural selection accumulate and maintain information?  How can we detect and quantify this process, through  
      observations of DNA sequence variation? What is the relation between the concepts of fitness, information, and entropy? How can we optimise the performance of computational methods that are based on selection?

      The Institute of Science and Technology is a new multidisciplinary  research insttitute, located in the Wienerwald, just outside Vienna (www.ist-austria.ac.at).  The Institute has strong computer science groups, and there are close links with other population genetics groups in Vienna (www.univie.ac.at/evolvienna/).

      The position will be available for three years; the salary scale starts at €44,982 p.a.    Applicants should have a Ph.D. in a relevant area (including computer science, mathematics, statistical physics, and population genetics), with strong mathematical and computing skills,  and an interest in fundamental research.  For further details, please contact nick.barton@....  Applications should be sent by April 24th, and should include a CV, a statement of research interests, and names of referees.

      Nick Barton

      IST Austria
      Am Campus 1
      Klosterneuburg 3400
      'phone: (43)2243 9000 3001

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