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GECCO-2011 Team says Happy New Year! (Submissions now open! :) )

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  • Pier Luca Lanzi
    2011 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO-2011) July 12-16, 2011 (Wednesday-Sunday) Dublin, Ireland Submission Deadline: January 26th 2011
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      2011 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO-2011)
      July 12-16, 2011 (Wednesday-Sunday) Dublin, Ireland
      Submission Deadline: January 26th 2011
      Conference Website:http://www.sigevo.org/gecco-2011
      Submission Website:https://ssl.linklings.net/conferences/gecco


      The GECCO-2011 team has sent you an electronic greeting card to wish
      you a happy new year.

      Please click on the following link to see your card. If your e-mail
      program has not displayed this as a link, then please copy the following
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      http://www.jacquielawson.com/viewcard.asp?code=2697894181454&source=jl999 <http://www.jacquielawson.com/viewcard.asp?code=2697894181454&source=jl999>

      Alternatively, please visithttp://www.jacquielawson.com and select the
      "Pick Up Card" option from the top menu. Then enter your card code,
      which is:


      The GECCO-2011 call for paper is at the end of this message :)

      We hope to see you in Dublin this July.

      Best wishes,
      Pier Luca, GECCO-2011 General Chair


      2011 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO-2011)
      July 12-16, 2011 (Wednesday-Sunday)
      Dublin, Ireland

      Organized by ACM SIGEVO



      20th International Conference on Genetic Algorithms (ICGA) and the
      16th Annual Genetic Programming Conference (GP)

      One Conference - Many Mini-Conferences
      17 Program Tracks - 31 Tutorials - 14 Workshops

      The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO-2011) will
      present the latest high-quality results in the growing field of genetic
      and evolutionary computation.

      Topics include: genetic algorithms, genetic programming, evolution
      strategies, evolutionary programming, real-world applications, learning
      classifier systems and other genetics-based machine learning, evolvable
      hardware, artificial life, adaptive behavior, ant colony optimization,
      swarm intelligence, biological applications, evolutionary robotics,
      coevolution, artificial immune systems, and more.

      * Submission deadline: January 26, 2011
      * Notification of paper acceptance: March 23, 2011
      * Camera-ready submission: April 18, 2011
      * GECCO-2011 Conference: July 12-16, 2011


      Two days of free tutorials and workshops (included with conference
      registration) presented by some of the worldÕs foremost experts
      in topics of interest to genetic and evolutionary computation
      researchers and practitioners.


      * Meet the Submission Deadline: Wednesday, January 26, 2011.
      * Word and LaTeX templates:http://www.sigevo.org/gecco-2011/papers.html
      * Submission site:https://ssl.linklings.net/conferences/gecco

      For detailed instructions, including categories, keywords, and formatting
      requirements, visithttp://www.sigevo.org/gecco-2011. Be sure to check
      the web page for changes that may appear as the paper submission deadline

      GECCO allows submissions of material that is substantially similar
      to a paper being submitted contemporaneously for review in another conference.
      However, if the submitted paper is accepted by GECCO, the authors agree that
      substantially the same material will not be published by another conference
      in the evolutionary computation field. Material may be later revised and
      submitted to a journal, if permitted by the journal.

      Each paper submitted to GECCO will be rigorously reviewed, in a double-blind
      review process, meaning that reviewers should not be able to infer the
      of the authors of the papers under review, and, of course, that authors will
      not know the identities of their reviewers. Each submitted paper will
      be evaluated
      by one of at least 15 separate and independent program committees specializing
      in various aspects of genetic and evolutionary computation. These committees
      make their own final decisions on submitted papers for their areas, subject
      only to conference-wide space limitations and procedures. Review criteria
      include significance of the work, technical soundness, novelty,
      clarity, writing
      quality, and sufficiency of information to permit replication, if applicable.

      By submitting a paper, the author(s) agree that, if their paper is
      accepted, they will:

      1. Submit a final, revised, camera-ready version to the publisher by
      2. Monday, April 18, 2011
      3. Register at least one author to attend the conference by Monday,
      May 2, 2011
      4. Attend the conference (at least one author)
      5. Present the accepted paper at the conference

      Dublin is the lively capital of Ireland and the perfect GECCO destination. It
      is served by several low-cost airlines, offering a wide range of flight deals,
      and provides several accommodation options. The social event will take place
      at IrelandÕs No. 1 international visitor attraction, the Guinness Storehouse.
      More information athttp://www.visitdublin.com

      For more information about GECCO-2011 visit,

      * Website:http://www.sigevo.org/gecco-2011
      * Twitter:http://twitter.com/gecco2011
      * Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=126064710759798

      for information about deadlines, student travel grants, hotel reservations,
      student housing, the graduate student workshop, the latest list of topics,
      late-breaking papers, and more. For matters of science and program content,
      contact Conference Chair Pier Luca Lanzi atlanzi@.... For general
      help and administrative matters contact GECCO support at

      For technical matters, contact Conference Chair Pier Luca Lanzi at
      lanzi@... including "GECCO-2011" in the subject.
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