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*** TWO DAYS LEFT TO PROPOSE YOUR GECCO TRACK *** GECCO-2011: Call for New Frontiers Track Proposals

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  • Pier Luca Lanzi
    **** GECCO-2011: Call for New Frontiers Track Proposals **** 2011 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO-2011) July 12-16, Dublin, Ireland
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 2010
      **** GECCO-2011: Call for New Frontiers Track Proposals ****

      2011 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO-2011)
      July 12-16, Dublin, Ireland

      Organized by ACM SIGEVO

      20th International Conference on Genetic Algorithms (ICGA) and the
      16th Annual Genetic Programming Conference (GP)

      One Conference - Many Mini-Conferences‚ 15 Program Tracks

      The organization of GECCO 2011 is well underway and we are happy
      to announce a very exciting program of tracks:

      - Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm Intelligence
      - Artificial Life, Evolutionary Robotics,
      Adaptive Behaviour and Evolvable Hardware
      - Bioinformatics, Computational, Systems and Synthetic Biology
      - Estimation of Distribution Algorithms
      - Evolutionary Strategies, Evolutionary Programming
      - Evolutionary (& Metaheuristics) Combinatorial Optimisation
      - Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimisation
      - Generative and Developmental Systems
      - Genetic Algorithms
      - Genetic Programming
      - Genetics-based Machine Learning
      - Parallel Evolutionary Systems
      - Real World Applications
      - Search Based Software Engineering
      - Theory

      For GECCO-2011, we wish to expand the list of usual tracks with one New
      Frontiers Tracks (NFTs).

      The goal of New Frontiers Tracks is to allow our community to explore
      emerging, exciting new ideas that relate or impinge into Genetic and
      Evolutionary Computation and Natural Computing.

      Thus, we are delighted to invite for NFTs proposals.

      Proposals should include a track title, the list of up to two co-chairs
      and an abstract of max 1000 characters. The abstract should both
      (i) describe the track focus and (ii) point out why the track should
      be added to GECCO.

      ** SUBMISSION **
      Proposals for NFTs should be submitted to Natalio Krasnogor
      (Natalio.Krasnogor@...) with subject‚ "GECCO 2011 NFT
      Proposal"‚ not later than 30th June 2010.

      ** SELECTION **
      The list of all NFTs will be in display at GECCO 2010 and a ballot
      (details to be announced later) will be carried out during GECCO 2010.

      Prospective chairs will be allowed to submit a one minute video to
      support their track. The videos will be put on-line on the
      GECCO-2011 website.

      The most voted NFT will be selected for inclusion into GECCO 2011 program.
      The selected NFT will have the same status, editorial procedures and quality
      control as normal GECCO tracks. NFTs are expected to run for one year only.

      We believe this to be an exciting opportunity for the community to explore
      innovative, perhaps risky & adventurous research topics, within the
      of the top conference in the field. Hence, we very much look forward for a
      strong response from the community to this call for New Frontiers Track

      Nat Krasnogor (GECCO 2011, Editor-in-chief)
      Pier Luca Lanzi (GECCO 2011, General Chair)

      GECCO is sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery Special
      Group for Genetic and Evolutionary Computation (ACM SIGEVO).
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