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DEARLINE EXTENDED - Call for Papers - Post-Workshop Proceedings Volume IWLCS 2006/2007

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  • Jaume Bacardit
    [Our apologies if you receive multiple copies of this announcement] ... International Workshop on Learning Classifier Systems Call for Papers - Post-Workshop
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2007
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      [Our apologies if you receive multiple copies of this announcement]

      International Workshop on Learning Classifier Systems
      Call for Papers - Post-Workshop Proceedings Volume IWLCS 2006/2007
      Submission deadline: October 12, 2007

      A Compilation of two exciting workshop years - IWLCS 2006 / 2007.
      Current advances and future outlooks.

      Since Learning Classifier Systems (LCSs) were introduced by John H.
      Holland as a way of applying evolutionary computation to machine
      learning problems, the LCS paradigm has broadened greatly into a
      framework encompassing many representations, rule discovery mechanisms,
      and credit assignment schemes. Current LCS applications range from data
      mining, to automated innovation, and to the on-line control of cognitive
      systems. LCS is a very active area of research that encompasses various
      system approaches. Wilson's accuracy-based XCS system has received the
      highest attention and gained the highest reputation.
      LCSs are benefiting from recent advances in machine learning, and
      reinforcement learning in particular, as well as in evolutionary
      computation. Novel insights in these two areas are continuously
      integrated into the LCS framework.

      For the post-workshop proceedings volume, we invite submissions of
      extended versions of the workshop contributions as well as additional
      contributions that survey state-of-the art advances, current cutting
      edge research in the field, as well as future outlooks. The volume will
      comprise recent developments in all areas of research on, and
      applications of, Learning Classifier Systems.

      * Submission Format

      Submitted papers (deadline September 28, 2007) should have a maximum
      length of twenty (20) pages in 10pt, one-column format. Please use the
      LNCS Springer-Verlag style as specified at
      http://www.springeronline.com/comp/lncs/authors.html (LATEX utilities
      can be found in the file llncs2e.zip). Papers will be reviewed for
      acceptance by the program committee and the organizers to ensure highest
      possible post-workshop proceedings quality.

      All papers should be submitted in PDF format and should be e-mailed to:

      * Important dates

      * Paper submission deadline: Friday, October 12, 2007
      * Notification to authors: Friday, November 23, 2007
      * LNCS Post-workshop Proceedings camera-ready material: by Friday,
      December 21, 2007
      * Estimated publication of volume: Spring 2008

      * Committees

      Organizing Committee

      * Jaume Bacardit, University of Nottingham (UK). E-mail:
      * Ester Bernad-Mansilla, Universitat Ramon Llull (Spain). E-mail:
      * Martin V. Butz, Universitt Wrzburg (Germany). E-mail:

      Advisory Committee

      * Tim Kovacs, University of Bristol (UK)
      * Xavier Llor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA)
      * Pier Luca Lanzi, Politechnico de Milano (Italy)
      * Wolfgang Stolzmann, Daimler Chrysler AG (Germany)
      * Keiki Takadama, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)
      * Stewart Wilson, Prediction Dynamics (USA)

      * Further Information

      For more details, please visit the workshop website at:

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