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EXTENDED DEADLINE*** CFP: MSAEC 2006 at GECCO in Seattle on July 8-12, 2006

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  • Stephen C. Upton
    *****EXTENDED DEADLINE - CALL FOR PAPERS - NOW DUE: April 7, 2006**** ***Apologies for multiple postings*** ***Please distribute to anyone who might be
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2006
      *****EXTENDED DEADLINE - CALL FOR PAPERS - NOW DUE: April 7, 2006****
      ***Apologies for multiple postings***
      ***Please distribute to anyone who might be interested***

      Military and Security Applications of Evolutionary Computation (MSAEC 2006)
      Part of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO-2006)
      Seattle, WA, USA on July 8 - 12 (Saturday - Wednesday), 2006

      Saturday, July 8, 2006

      Organized by
      Stephen C. Upton (Referentia Systems, Inc.)
      Laurence D. Merkle (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology)
      Misty Blowers (Air Force Research Laboratory)


      Abstract submission deadline: April 7, 2006, Friday ****** EXTENDED DEADLINE
      Decisions will be mailed by: April 10, 2006, Monday
      Submissions of camera-ready abstracts: April 19, 2006, Wednesday
      Workshop July 8, 2006, Saturday

      Almost since its inception, evolutionary computation has been applied to
      the solution of military problems. Given the current global security
      environment, there has been increased interest within the military and
      security communities in novel techniques for solving challenging
      problems within their domains. The genesis of this interest lies in the
      fact that repeated attempts of using traditional techniques have left
      many important problems unsolved, and in some cases, not addressed.
      Additionally, new problems have emerged within the broad areas of the
      global war on terrorism, homeland security, and force protection that
      are difficult to tackle with conventional methods, since social,
      cultural and human behavioral factors tend to be at the heart of these
      new types of problems.

      The purpose of the workshop is to continue the discussion of current and
      ongoing efforts in using genetic and evolutionary computation techniques
      in attacking military and security problems. These include, but are not
      limited to the following:
      • genetic and evolutionary techniques in the design of military systems
      and sub-systems;
      • genetic and evolutionary techniques for logistics and scheduling of
      military operations;
      • genetic and evolutionary algorithms (GEAs) in strategic planning and
      tactical decision making;
      • Multiobjective GEAs for examining tradeoffs in military, security, and
      counter-terrorism procedures;
      • Automated discovery of tactics and procedures for site security, force
      protection, and consequence management;
      • Genetics-based knowledge discovery and data mining of large databases
      used to recognize patterns of individual behavior; and,
      • Co-evolutionary techniques for simultaneous red-blue team
      strategic-tactical simulation and gaming.

      The length of the workshop is a full day (8 hours). The program will
      begin with a 90 minute invited speaker session. The core of the workshop
      program will then follow with a total of sixteen short presentations (12
      min + 6 min Q&A). Midway through the workshop there will be a lunch
      break that will include a poster session of posters by speakers and by
      poster presenters. The workshop will conclude with a round of
      brainstorming by participants regarding critical needs for military and
      security research and applications of genetic and evolutionary computation


      The workshop invites ongoing work in using evolutionary computation
      techniques for addressing the problems stated above or any other
      application of genetic, evolutionary or natural computation techniques
      to military and security problems. Presentations and posters will be
      chosen by the organizing committee on the basis of a submitted extended
      abstract of no more than 3 pages, with a preference for those that have
      the potential to generate discussion related to the goals of the
      workshop. Authors of accepted abstracts will then be required to submit
      a camera-ready copy of their abstract or an associated paper of no more
      than 8 pages, in the proper format, which will be then be published on a
      CD-ROM and made available at the conference.

      For more detailed submission guidelines and recent updates, see the
      workshop pages at http://upton9265.net/msaec2006


      Stephen C. Upton
      Referentia Systems, Inc.
      11435 Newington Ave
      Spring Hill, FL 34609
      PH: 352-397-5983
      FAX: 808-423-1960

      Laurence D. Merkle
      Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
      5500 Wabash Ave., CM-103
      Terre Haute, IN 47803
      PH: 812-877-8474
      FAX: 812-872-6060
      Email: laurence.d.merkle@...

      Misty Blowers
      Air Force Research Laboratory
      525 Brooks Road, Suite E1
      Rome, NY 13441
      PH: 315-330-3438
      FAX: 315-330-8191
      Email: Misty.Blowers@...


      Attendance to the workshop is open to all GECCO attendees. Further
      information will be posted on the workshop web pages
      (http://upton9265.net/msaec2006) as it becomes available.

      We are looking forward to your participation at the third workshop of
      Military and Security Applications of Evolutionary Computation. This
      workshop is intended to encourage communication between active
      researchers and practioners to better understand the current scope of
      efforts within this domain. The ultimate goal is to understand, discuss,
      and help set future directions for genetic and evolutionary computation
      in military and security problems.
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