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FOGA 2007 conference

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  • Marc Toussaint
    CALL FOR PAPERS FOGA IX Foundations of Genetic Algorithms Mexico City, Mexico, 7--11 January 2007 http://www.sigevo.org/foga-2007/index.html We invite
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2006

      FOGA IX
      Foundations of Genetic Algorithms

      Mexico City, Mexico, 7--11 January 2007

      We invite submissions of extended abstracts for the ninth biennial
      workshop on the Foundations of Genetic Algorithms. The workshop
      covers the theoretical foundations of all forms of evolutionary
      computation. FOGA will be held 7--11 January, 2007 in Mexico
      City. Attendance at the workshop will be limited; the goal is to
      create a small interdsiciplinary forum with close interaction among
      participants from different fields - evolutionary computation,
      population genetics, animal behaviour, physics and biochemistry,
      among others. Individuals submitting papers will be given priority
      for attendance, and some slots will be reserved for students. Anyone
      wishing to attend must indicate this by either submitting a paper or
      requesting attendance in advance (see deadlines below).

      Extended abstracts must be received by 20th September,
      2006. Submissions should address theoretical issues in evolutionary
      computation. Papers that consider foundational issues and/or are of a
      multidisciplinary nature are especially encouraged. This does not
      preclude the acceptance of papers that use an experimental approach,
      but such work should be directed towards validation of suitable
      hypotheses concerning foundational matters.

      Extended abstracts should be between 10--12 pages (single column).
      To submit an extended abstract, please email a compressed postscript
      or a pdf file to stephens@... and mtoussai@...
      no later than 20th September 2006. In their submission message
      authors should provide the title of the paper, and the name, address
      and affiliation of the author(s). Authors should submit papers in
      single column format with standard spacing and margins, and 11pt or
      12pt font for the main text. Authors using \LaTeX\ should either use
      the standard article style file or the FOGA style file which can be
      found at the conference web-site. A double-blind reviewing process
      will be employed, so authors are asked to remove references to
      themselves from their paper. Authors of accepted papers will be
      notified by 1st November, 2006. Drafts of the full paper are due by
      1st December, 2006 and will be distributed as part of a preprint to
      participants at the FOGA meeting. Authors of papers presented at the
      FOGA workshop will be asked to contribute final versions of their
      papers (based on discussio/feedback at the meeting) as part of a
      volume to be published in book form.

      Important Dates:

      Extended abstracts due: 20th September 2006
      Notification of acceptance: 1st November 2006
      Requests for attendance due: 20th September 2006
      Full papers due: 1st December 2006
      FOGA Workshop: 7--11 January 2007


      Chris Stephens
      Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares, UNAM

      Darrell Whitley
      Colorado State University

      Peter Stadler
      University of Leipzig

      Marc Toussaint
      University of Edinburgh

      Further information

      FOGA Web page:

      Enquiries and submissions:
      stephens@... mtoussai@...

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