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  • Gwoing Yu
    =================================================== CALL FOR PAPERS (Sorry if you receive this message multiple times)
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 1, 2004
      CALL FOR PAPERS (Sorry if you receive this message multiple times)

                 Workshop on Neutral Evolution in Evolutionary Computation
                                            to be held as part of the
                Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO)
                                       Seattle, Washington USA
                             June 26-30, 2004 (Saturday - Wednesday)
      Kimura Neutral Theory of Evolution is founded on the premise that most mutations at
      the molecular level in evolution are caused by random genetic drift rather than by
      natural selection. This contrasts to Darwin Theory of Evolution, which considers
      selection acting on advantageous mutations as the driving force of evolution.
      With a strong Darwinian influence, most Evolutionary Computation (EC) systems
      adopt a selectionists?point of view to model evolution. It is only until recently
      when neutrality is considered in EC systems. However, as the implementation varies, 
      the performance results are different from one to the other. Currently, there is no
      consensus of the advantages/disadvantages of neutrality in EC. The purpose of this
      workshop is to discuss different views of neutrality and to improve our understanding
      of evolutionary search process under neutrality. 
      The workshop will have two parts: a short paper presentation followed by a panel discussion.
      Relevant subjects include but not limited to:
      ?amp;nbsp;      Different implementation of neutrality;
      ?amp;nbsp;      Characteristics of the search process under neutrality;
      ?amp;nbsp;      Experimental and theoretical results;
      ?amp;nbsp;      Promising directions of future research; 
      March 1, 2004    Submission deadline
      March 26, 2004   Authors Notification
      April 15, 2004   Camera Ready
      June 27, 2004    Workshop 
      Workshop Organizer:
      Tina Yu
      E-mail: gwoing_yu at yahoo.com; tinayu at addr.com

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