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FW: [GP] Genetic Programming vs Algorithms?

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  • John Koza
    The posting below asserts GAs are good at parameter optimization, a task GP cannot handle, ... This is not true. There are hundreds of examples (both in my
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2003
      The posting below asserts
      "GAs are good at parameter optimization, a task GP cannot handle, ..."

      This is not true. There are hundreds of examples (both in my books and
      elsewhere) from dozens of different areas where parameter optimization takes
      place inside a GP run. To take just a few examples, there is parameter
      optimization that takes places (simultaneously with topology creation) in
      problems involving circuits, controllers, antennas, chemical networks,
      etc. --- to saynothing of parameter optimization that takes places in just
      plain old mathematical expressions in symbolic regression runs.

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      Korneel Duyvesteyn wrote:

      > Does anyone know a problem which GA can solve but GP cannot? (in a
      > reasonable way..)

      GAs are good at parameter optimization, a task GP cannot handle, although
      GEP, more related to GP than GAs, can handle this kind of problem very well
      thanks to its multigenic nature (see my book Gene Expression Programming:
      Mathematical Modeling by an Artificial Intelligence for details).

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