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CFP: 7th European Conference on Artificial Life (ECAL-2003)

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    Forwarded on behalf of Wolfgang Banzhaf : ****************************************************** 7th European Conference
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 23, 2003
      Forwarded on behalf of Wolfgang Banzhaf

      7th European Conference on Artificial Life


      September 14-17, 2003
      Dortmund, Germany
      Submission deadline: March 1st, 2003

      The seventh European Conference on Artificial Life
      (ECAL-2003) will bring together scientists and
      engineers from different disciplines such as Physics,
      Computer Science, Life and Social Sciences and all
      types of engineering in a common attempt to
      investigate complex systems from the class we call
      living systems. Application of Alife technology in
      different fields will provide another important topic
      of the conference.

      Following the past highly successful ECAL in Prague,
      ECAL-2003 will be held in Germany for the first time.
      With the advent of powerful simulation tools ECAL-2003
      is a primary meeting place for exchange of ideas on
      understanding and simulating life.

      The conference will be held in Dortmund, Germany, in
      an old industrial building now turned museum for
      social and cultural history of the region.

      Conference Topics

      Conference topics include but are not limited to
      research in

      * Origin of Life
      * Self-organization and Self-replication
      * Artificial Chemistry
      * Computational and Systems Biology
      * Cellular and Neural Systems
      * Collaborative Systems
      * Evolution and Development
      * Evolutionary and Adaptive Dynamics
      * Robotics and Autonomous Agents
      * Languages and Communication
      * Artificial Societies
      * Philosophical, Ethical, and Cultural Issues

      Tools for

      * Simulation Systems
      * Methodologies and Applications

      Important Dates

      Deadline for submission of papers: March 1st, 2003
      Notification of acceptance: April 15, 2003
      Final camera-ready manuscripts: June 1st, 2003
      Conference: September 14 - 17, 2003

      Conference Format

      There will be three types of presentations:

      * Invited talks, given by internationally
      renowned scientists
      * Regular paper presentations
      * Poster session

      Workshops and tutorials will be offered before the
      main conference.

      Presentations will be published by Springer as a
      volume in the Lecture Notes on Artificial Intelligence
      (LNAI) series.

      For more information on ECAL 2003, please refer to
      the official conference website at
      http://www.ecal2003.org/ . This site hosts the web
      based submission system. Instructions for authors,
      templates and example files can be found at the same
      site, along with further information.

      Conference Organization

      Program Co-Chairs
      Wolfgang Banzhaf, Dortmund, Germany
      Thomas Christaller, Bonn, Germany

      Program Committee
      Andrew Adamatzky, Bristol, UK
      Minoru Asada, Osaka, Japan
      Mark Bedau, Portland, USA
      Hugues Bersini, Brussels, Belgium
      Eric, Bonabeau, Santa Fe, USA
      Rodney Brooks, Cambridge, USA
      Seth Bullock, Leeds, UK
      Angelo Cangelosi, Plymouth, UK
      Kerstin Dautenhahn, Hertfordshire, UK
      Peter Dittrich, Jena, Germany
      Keith Downing, Trondheim, Norway
      Marc Ebner, Wuerzburg, Germany
      Dario Floreano Lausanne, Switzerland
      Inman Harvey, Brighton, UK
      Takashi Hashimoto, Tatsunokuchi, Japan
      Michael Hauhs, Bayreuth, Germany
      Pauline Hogeweg, Utrecht, Netherlands
      Josef Kelemen, Prague, Tchechia
      Jan Kim, Luebeck, Germany
      Christian Lindgren, Gothenburg, Sweden
      Thomas Martinetz, Luebeck, Germany
      John McCaskill, Bonn, Germany
      Barry McMullin, Dublin, Ireland
      Juan Merelo, Granada, Spain
      Jean-Arcady Meyer, Paris, France
      Alvaro Moreno, San Sebastian, Spain
      Chrystopher Nehaniv, Hertfordshire, UK
      Domenico Parisi, Rome, Italy
      Rolf Pfeifer, Zuerich, Switzerland
      Daniel Polani, Hertfordshire, UK
      Steen Rasmussen, Los Alamos, USA
      Thomas Ray, Oklahoma City, USA
      Frank Schweitzer, Bonn, Germany
      Moshe Sipper, Beer-Sheva, Israel
      Peter Stadler, Leipzig, Germany
      Charles Taylor, Los Angeles, USA
      Christof Teuscher, Zuerich, Switzerland
      Adrian Thompson, Brighton, UK
      Guenter Wagner, New Haven, USA
      Claus Wilke, Pasadena, USA
      Andrew Wuensche, Santa Fe, USA
      Jens Ziegler, Dortmund, Germany

      Organizing Committee
      Wolfgang Banzhaf, Program
      Thomas Christaller, Program
      Peter Dittrich, Workshops
      Jan Kim, Tutorials
      Holger Lange, Travel Grants
      Thomas Martinetz, Publicity
      Frank Schweiter, Social Events
      Jens Ziegler, Local Arrangements

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