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6478Analyzing a Decade of Human-Competitiv e (“HUMIE”) Winners: What Can We Learn?

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  • mmss9876
    Jun 18, 2014
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      Dear all,

      The following paper, just released, by Karthik Kannappan, Lee Spector, Moshe Sipper, Thomas Helmuth, William Lacava, Jake Wisdom, and Omri Bernstein, might of interest to members of this group:

      Analyzing a Decade of Human-Competitive (“HUMIE”) Winners: What Can We Learn?


      Techniques in evolutionary computation (EC) have improved significantly over

      the years, leading to a substantial increase in the complexity of problems that

      can be solved by EC-based approaches. The HUMIES awards at the Genetic and

      Evolutionary Computation Conference are designed to recognize work that has not

      just solved some problem via techniques from evolutionary computation, but has

      produced a solution that is demonstrably human-competitive. In this chapter, we

      take a look across the winners of the past 10 years of the HUMIES awards, and

      analyze them to determine whether there are specific approaches that consistently

      show up in the HUMIE winners. We believe that this analysis may lead to interesting

      insights regarding prospects and strategies for producing further human competitive


      With kind regards,


      moshe sipper, writer & professor