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6397SecDef Workshop @ GECCO 2014

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  • aiesparcia
    Feb 25, 2014

      (Apologies for cross-posting)


      Dear Colleagues,


      It is our pleasure to announce “SecDef”, an all-new Workshop on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation in Defense, Security, and Risk Management. This workshop will be part of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO 2014), to be held July 12-16, 2014, in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


      A detailed description of the workshop may be found at


      Please note that the submissions deadline is March 28.


      Additional information regarding GECCO 2014, including workshop schedules, is provided at



      If you have questions or require other assistance, please contact the organizers at


      We look forward to receiving your papers and meeting you at the conference!


      Best regards,

      Anna Esparcia-Alcazar

      Frank Moore