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6296evoAPPS 2014 - submission deadline EXTENDED: 11 Nov

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  • aiesparcia
    Oct 30, 2013
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      *** Submission Deadline EXTENDED: 11th November 2013 ***

      EvoApplications, the European Conference on the Applications of
      Evolutionary Computation, brings together researchers in a variety
      of areas of application of Evolutionary Computation and other
      Nature-inspired techniques.

      EvoApplications invites high quality contributions for its 17th
      edition, which will be held as part of the EvoStar 2014 event in
      Granada, Spain, April 23–-25 2013 and co-located within EvoStar with
      four related conferences: EuroGP, EvoBIO, EvoCOP and EvoMUSART.

      EvoApplications2014's tracks focus on various areas of application
      of genetic and evolutionary computation and other related
      Computational Intelligence fields. Tracks in 2014 include:

      EvoCOMNET - Nature-inspired Techniques for Communication
      Networks and other Parallel and Distributed Systems.
      EvoCOMPLEX - Evolutionary Algorithms and Complex Systems
      EvoENERGY – Evolutionary Algorithms in Energy Applications
      EvoFIN - Evolutionary Computation in Finance and Economics
      EvoGAMES - Bio-inspired Algorithms in Games
      EvoHOT - Bio-Inspired Heuristics for Design Automation
      EvoIASP - Evolutionary Computation in Image Analysis, Signal
      Processing and Pattern Recognition.
      EvoINDUSTRY - Nature-Inspired Techniques in Industrial Settings
      EvoNUM - Bio-inspired algorithms for continuous parameter
      EvoPAR - Parallel Architectures and Distributed Infrastructures
      EvoRISK - Computational Intelligence for Risk Management,
      Security and Defence Applications
      EvoROBOT – Evolutionary Computation in Robotics
      EvoSTOC - Evolutionary Algorithms in Stochastic and Dynamic

      Visit http://www.evostar.org/cfpEvoApplications.html or join the
      EVOstar group on LinkedIn for more details and updates.

      EvoApplications Coordinator

      Anna I Esparcia-Alcazar, S2 Grupo, Spain

      EvoApplications Publication Chair

      Antonio Mora, Universidad de Granada, Spain