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6167[GECCO 2013] GPUs for GEC Competition

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  • Daniele Loiacono
    May 2, 2013
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      Our apologies if you receive multiple copies of this announcement.
      GPUs for GEC Competition

                         to be held as part of the

          2013 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO-2013) 

                          July 6-10, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

                         Organized by ACM SIGEVO


      This competition focuses on the applications of genetic and
      evolutionary computation that can maximally exploit the parallelism
      provided by low-cost consumer graphical cards. The competition will
      award the best applications both in terms of degree of parallelism
      obtained, in terms of overall speed-up, and in terms of programming


      Entrants must submit (1) the application sources with the instructions
      to compile it and (2) a two page description of the application.
      Submissions will be reviewed by a committee of researchers from the
      evolutionary computation community and from industry. Each reviewer
      will score the submission according to criteria concerning the
      submitted algorithm, the speed-up it achieves, and its impact on the
      evolutionary computation community. The total score will be obtained
      as the weighted sum of the scores achieved.


      Submissions should be mailed to gpu@... no later
      than June 14th, 2013. The final scores will be announced during GECCO.

      *Important Dates*

      Submission deadline: June 14th 2013
      Conference: July 6th-10th 2013


      Daniele Loiacono, Politecnico di Milano
      Antonino Tumeo, Pacific Northwest Laboratory

      *Further Information*