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5305EvoIntelligence 2011 Deadline Extended 13 December

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  • Marc Ebner
    Dec 1, 2010
      ******DEADLINE EXTENDED 13 DECEMBER*******
      Due to a large number of requests for extensions to
      the EvoStar submission deadlines, submissions will
      continue to be accepted until Monday, 13 December.

      Call for Papers

      EvoIntelligence 2
      Nature Inspired Methods for Intelligent Systems

      EvoIntelligence is devoted to the use of nature inspired methods
      to create intelligent systems. The goal of this event is to bring
      researchers from a variety of different areas together who all want
      to create intelligent systems. Researchers working in Computer
      Science, Electrical Engineering, Robotics or other related areas are
      invited to submit their latest work. We invite submissions on different
      areas such as Evolutionary Robotics, Artificial Life or other related areas.
      Intelligent systems do not necessarily have to exhibit human or animal-like
      intelligence. Intelligent behavior can also be found in everyday devices
      such as a DVR or handheld devices such as a MP3-Player which learn
      from the human who is operating the device.
      Nature inspired methods include all aspects of evolutionary
      computation, e.g. genetic algorithms, evolution strategies, genetic
      programming, ant algorithms, or particle swarm systems. Learning
      from biological systems on how to solve a problem also qualifies as
      a nature inspired method. Examples of such systems are bio-inspired
      systems or bionic systems.

      Accepted papers will be published in a volume of the Springer Lecture
      Notes in Computer Science together with papers from other events
      of the EvoStar conference to be held in Torino, Italy in 2011.

      Web address: http://www.evostar.org

      High quality papers are sought on topics related to intelligent systems
      using nature inspired methods, ranging from theoretical work to
      innovative applications in the context of

      * Evolutionary Robotics
      * Artificial Life
      * Intelligent Devices
      * Intelligent Language Systems
      * Bionic Systems
      * Learning Systems
      * Intelligent Behavior
      * Intelligent Agents

      Important dates:

      - Submission deadline: Extended to 13 December 2010 (hard deadline!)
      - Notification of acceptance: 7 January 2011
      - Camera-ready manuscript: 1 February 2011
      - EvoIntelligence: 27-29 April 2011

      Submission requirements:

      - Submissions (no longer than 10 pages) must be made through the
      conference management software.
      - Since the review process is double-blind the paper must not contain
      any references that would identify the authors.
      - The submitted material has to be substantially new research which
      has not been published previously.
      - The paper has to be formatted according to LNCS style guidelines.
      (See ftp://ftp.springer.de/pub/tex/latex/llncs/latex2e/llncs2e.zip)
      - By submitting a paper, the authors agree that, if their paper is
      accepted, they will prepare a camera-ready version in accordance with
      the changes requested by the reviewers by the deadline for camera-ready
      papers. They also agree that at least one author will register for the
      conference no later than the early registration deadline if their paper is
      accepted and at least one author will attend the conference and present
      the paper.

      Program Chair:
      Marc Ebner, Universität Tuebingen, Germany, ebner(at)wsii.uni-tuebingen.de

      Program Committee:
      Bentley, Peter, University College London, UK
      Cagnoni, Stefano, University of Parma, Italy
      Ebner, Marc, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Germany
      Ekart, Aniko, Aston Universit,y UK
      Giacobini, Mario, University of Torino, Italy
      Horswill, Ian, Northwestern University, USA
      Jacob, Christian, University of Calgary, Canada
      Khan, Gul Muhammad, University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar, Pakistan
      Langdon, William B, King's College London, UK
      Machado, Penousal, University of Coimbra, Portugal
      O'Neill, Michael, University College Dublin, Ireland
      Ray, Thomas, University of Oklahoma, USA
      Schoenauer, Marc, INRIA, France
      Sipper, Moshe, Ben-Gurion University, Israel
      Squillero, Giovanni, Politecnico di Torino, Italy
      Tanev, Ivan, Doshisha University, Japan
      Zhang, Mengjie, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand