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3724Re: [GP] expression help

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  • corvusanima
    Dec 27, 2005
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      > GP -> evolution of programs. An easy way to evolve
      > programs is to evolve a tree, were the nodes are
      > operations like +, -, sin, div. To evolve a program
      > you must choose a computing model : trees,
      > stack-based, etc... an then you evolve sentences from
      > this computing model.

      And additionnaly, if you need reasonable speed, stack-based is
      generally faster. There is a C implementation called XCLE of a generic
      stack-based interpreter, where you can choose the primitives (i.e.
      nodes) you want to use, or implement yours... In google, first result
      should be the FSF entry for XCLE.
      But of course, perlPG is a lot more flexible, if possibly a bit
      slower. You can't beat Perl at that.
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