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3542Re: [GP] GP engine for getting started

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  • Peter Day
    Aug 7 9:22 AM
      If you're familiar with / have access to matlab, I would take a look at
      gplab - a GP toolbox for matlab by Sara Silva (good work by the way):

      Matlab is very quick to code / debug in and the examples provided get
      you started really quickly. Also Matlabs plotting tools and runtime
      environment make it trivial to analyse results.
      I still use this (albeit severly hacked) to do a lot of my prototyping
      before full evaluation in an ECJ spinoff.

      Yun Wang wrote:

      >Hello, I am looking for an easy GP engine to get started with. I've
      >tried a few
      >different engines, but have yet been successful at getting them up and
      >Any help would be appreciated.
      >One of the engines I've tried is the ECJ engine and I seem to be having some
      >issues with the make file in that it's not finding the ec and ec.util packages
      >(several other packages as well) in SOURCEPATH. I haven't found any
      >on what I need to set for that variable. If anyone knows how to fix this
      >problem, please drop me a line.
      >Found 1 semantic error compiling "simple/SimpleBreeder.java":
      > 9. import ec.util.*;
      > ^-----^
      >*** Semantic Error: You need to modify your classpath, sourcepath,
      >bootclasspath, and/or extdirs setup. Jikes could not find package "ec.util" in:
      > /home/xarien/jdk1.5.0_04/lib/dt.jar
      > /home/xarien/jdk1.5.0_04/jre/lib/javaws.jar
      > /home/xarien/jdk1.5.0_04/jre/lib/rt.jar
      > .
      > /home/xarien/ecj/ec
      > /home/xarien/ecj/ec/
      > /home/xarien/ecj/ec/app
      > /home/xarien/ecj/ec/util
      >Yun Wang
      >Yahoo! Groups Links

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