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35Re: [genetic_programming] Beowulf Clusters

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  • Jules Gilbert
    Oct 1, 2001
      Don't forget:  you are allowing your happen-stance machine architecture to dictate the direction of your research, albeit machanical research.

      My first point is simple:  Are you sure that you want to do that?   ( More strongly, this is not a good idea!)

      Second, when one CPU finishes before another, use the spare CPU to accomplish another job -- perhaps processing another instance of genetic change.

      Hope this helps.


      Mattias Fagerlund wrote:


      I've been having a bit of a headache with my beowulf cluster code - we
      currently have several machines of different speeds, so while one machine
      might perform 5 generations, another might only perform 3 generations.

      Would you generally let the fast machine and the slower machine exchange
      genetic material? And if one machine restarted it's evolution, started
      from zero, if it still allowed others to supply genetic material, it'd be
      like it never restarted within only a handful of generations.

      I'm thinking, if they're within 10 generations of each other, I'll allow
      the exchange, but that's such a neat solution. Another solution might be
      to make the population on the faster machine larger, and on the slower
      machine make it smaller, so that they keep about the same pace...

      Any ideas?

      mattias fagerlund

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