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33Re: [genetic_programming] Beowulf Clusters

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  • Martin C. Martin
    Oct 1, 2001
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      Our plan is to have one computer hold the population, and farm out
      evaluations to all computers. So, the faster computers will simply get
      a higher percentage of the population to evaluate. This has a lot of
      nice properties, including that we can repeat runs by simply using the
      same seed, assuming evaluation is deterministic.

      I think the "only exchange info if within 10 generations" thing is
      particularly dangerous; in one run, populations may be completely
      separate from almost the start, whereas in another, they'll be sharing
      info most of the way through. That's a very strange dynamic.

      - Martin

      Mattias Fagerlund wrote:
      > Hi!
      > I've been having a bit of a headache with my beowulf cluster code - we
      > currently have several machines of different speeds, so while one machine
      > might perform 5 generations, another might only perform 3 generations.
      > Would you generally let the fast machine and the slower machine exchange
      > genetic material? And if one machine restarted it's evolution, started
      > from zero, if it still allowed others to supply genetic material, it'd be
      > like it never restarted within only a handful of generations.
      > I'm thinking, if they're within 10 generations of each other, I'll allow
      > the exchange, but that's such a neat solution. Another solution might be
      > to make the population on the faster machine larger, and on the slower
      > machine make it smaller, so that they keep about the same pace...
      > Any ideas?
      > thanks,
      > mattias fagerlund
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