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1455Re: [GP] GP, meta programming and reflection

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  • Juergen Schmidhuber
    Mar 10, 2003
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      The first meta-GP system (1987) was described in:

      author = {J. Schmidhuber},
      title = {{Evolutionary principles in self-referential learning.
      Diploma thesis, Institut f\"{u}r Informatik,
      Technische Universit\"{a}t M\"{u}nchen}},
      year = {1987}}

      Meta-GP recursively applies metalevel GP to the task of finding
      better program-modifying programs on lower levels - the goal is
      to use GP for improving GP:

      Of course, the more principled and theoretically optimal metalearner
      is the "Optimal Ordered Problem Solver" OOPS described here:

      Juergen http://www.idsia.ch/~juergen/

      Tom Lenaerts wrote:
      > Metaprogramming can be defined as the art of programming programs which
      > can read, manipulate or write other programs. A typical example are
      > interpreters. These are programs which are able to manipulate and
      > reason about lower level programs. In most cases, the interpreter is
      > referred to as the meta-level and the program is at the object level.
      > Since GP is all about the evolution of programming, it seems logical
      > that one would like to evolve combinations of meta programs and object
      > programs to solve problems. I was wondering whether this issue has been
      > recognised before in GP. I assume it has yet i'm not aware of any major
      > contribution in this context. Can somebody provide me with a pointer?
      > If this has not been recognised before, can anyone explain why it might
      > not seem relevant for a GP system?
      > Tom
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