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1425Re: [GP] GP, meta programming and reflection

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  • Lee Spector
    Mar 2, 2003
      Mariusz Nowostawski wrote:
      ps. One should keep in mind two different meanings of the term
      "reflection". The more formal meaning of this term is different from its
      common use. Java is not formally reflective language, even though
      marketing departments are selling it as reflective. To be fair and
      precise, Java is retrospective language, with some retrospection
      Similarly with Push (no offense Lee): the language is not reflective in
      the proper meaning of the term.


      No offense taken, and I may even agree, but could you provide a pointer to
      the definition of reflection that you are using? By definitions I've been
      able to find just now (for example at
      full reflection is probably not even possible. But that doesn't mean that a
      language with certain reflective features (e.g. in which programs can
      transform parts of their own code in arbitrary ways and then execute them)
      doesn't provide useful metaprogramming facilities.

      Thanks, -Lee
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