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1420GP, meta programming and reflection

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  • Tom Lenaerts
    Mar 2, 2003
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      Metaprogramming can be defined as the art of programming programs which
      can read, manipulate or write other programs. A typical example are
      interpreters. These are programs which are able to manipulate and
      reason about lower level programs. In most cases, the interpreter is
      referred to as the meta-level and the program is at the object level.

      Since GP is all about the evolution of programming, it seems logical
      that one would like to evolve combinations of meta programs and object
      programs to solve problems. I was wondering whether this issue has been
      recognised before in GP. I assume it has yet i'm not aware of any major
      contribution in this context. Can somebody provide me with a pointer?
      If this has not been recognised before, can anyone explain why it might
      not seem relevant for a GP system?



      Tom Lenaerts (tlenaert@...)
      Artificial Intelligence Lab (ARTI)
      Computational Modeling Lab (CoMo)
      Department of Computer Science (DINF)
      Faculty of Science
      Vrije Universiteit Brussel
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