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  • Elizabeth Liang
    Dec 7 2:43 PM

      Dear Generation-Mixed,

      Seasons Greetings!  I hope this finds you very well.  

      I'm excited to announce that I've been published again!  My essay, "Transforming Three Sisters: A Hapa Family in Chekhov's Modern Classic," can be found online in a special issue of the scholarly journal Asian American Literature: Discourses & Pedagogies.  The essay is about the process of producing and acting in one of my favorite plays, in which the siblings were portrayed by mixed-heritage actors of partially Asian descent.  It's a very personal essay--not as academic as one might expect, given the journal in which it has been published.  It was peer reviewed and the guest editor was Wei Ming Dariotus, who is highly respected in the world of Mixed Race Studies.  I'm proud to have had the opportunity to work with her and to have gotten published again.

      Here's a link to the essay, which takes a while to actually show up on screen (or it might automatically download as a pdf).  If you'd like to read it, I recommend clicking the link and then going to get something to drink or a refill.  It should be on screen by the time you get back to your computer. :)  http://onlinejournals.sjsu.edu/index.php/AALDP/article/view/90/159

      Thanks and cheers,

      Two weeks left on my fundraising campaign!  Because why bother you about one thing when I could bother you about two?  :D