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  • trigueno03@yahoo.com
    Jul 5, 2012
      Its funny how different groups try to disassociate themselves from their own people because of mixing or diaspora. just because u dont fully resemble one of your mixes doesnt make u any less. genetically it would but from the culture no. in regard to diaspora some groups of other countries disown you and try to take away your culture that u were born into or learned that u are a part of. thats not ignorance thats plain stupidity. i love calling people out on that.

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      Well, I'd say Ms. Tallbear's viewpoint is way out of line- especially the part about needing to be 'recognized by the community.' There can be numerous reasons a person cannot be accepted into the Cherokee Nation, even if said person does have valid claim to the ancestry. Speaking from my situation, my great-grandfather did not sign up for the rolls although he had the legal right to do so; and while his "personal choice" backfired on some of his descendants, that does not make his descendants "less Cherokee." Ms. Tallbear's POV could cover any race or ethnicity- the idea that a person must belong to some particular group is nonsense.
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