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4222Re: [Generation-Mixed] Spotlight On ... 'The Chestnut Ridge People' (CRP)

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  • Ally3729@aol.com
    Jun 3, 2012
      AOL Email
      This was very nice to read. I had not heard of this information before. Thanks for enlightening us.
       I am 41% Scot-Irish (Haplogroup (I2b1) through my ancestors and 59% West African (Algeria, Bantu, Ethiopia, Cameroon and Sierra Leone)  (L3d)).. I think most of the people in the world are mixed with some other ethnic group and will not admit. But we tested with FTM West Y-DNA, Family Finder and mtDNA projects
      Thanks again for sharing. I really enjoyed reading that information. Like I always say, One can learn something new everyday.
      Alice West-Ferguson
      Greenbelt, MD
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