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  • Hi: I'm trying to determine the place and date of my grandparents marriage. They met while she was an employee of a wealthy family in Rhode Island, and he was a soldier in the Army, posted in Rhode Island, probably between 1914 and 1918, and I believe it is likely that they married there. Her name was Rosemary Campbell and she was born in Portadown, Armagh County, Ireland. His name...
    bettyobst Sep 17, 2000
  • I found a site that has information on epidemics, diseases and plagues. http:\\uhavax.hartford.edu/~bugl/histepi.htm Hope this helps
    bettyobst Mar 4, 2000
  • Grandfather, William Marion Obst, born 3/1892 in Newcombe, Campbell Co., TN married approx 1918 (in RI?)to Rosemary Campbell, born aprox 1898 in Armagh Co., Ireland. Five children, Rosemary born 1919 in TN or KY, William born 1920 in TN, Mary Elizabeth born 1923 in KY, Joseph born 1925 in KY or PA and Theresa born approx 1928 in Phila. Rosemary Campbell died about 1929; Wm. put...
    bettyobst Feb 1, 2000
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  • Hi Ray: My grandchildren are Houdes. Their father's family is from the Connecticut-Massachusettes area. Would appreciate any information you may have. Thanks. betty.obst@^$1
    bettyobst Dec 28, 1999
  • Law: What a fascinating site! Thanks for sharing
    bettyobst Dec 5, 1999
  • Sheila. My sister had a friend, Diane Noonan in Philadelphia. She lived with her parents and a sister in the Oxford area of the city (Northeast). She would be about 52 years old today. If you're interested, contact me at betty.obst@^$1 and I'll try to get information for you.
    bettyobst Nov 16, 1999
  • Hi: New to this game but it's fascinating. Had luck locating my grandfather's town where he was born (on-line), and finding information there. Am reading past messages on this board, 200 at a time, to learn all I can. Should be caught up by next month (I'll be away for a week or two). Any information on William Marion Baird (Tennessee) married Rosemary Ann Campbell (Ireland...
    bettyobst Oct 14, 1999