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  • Tina Paxton
    THANKS SO MUCH!!!! SS Pennsylvania certainly makes more sense than the USS Pennsylvania! I also just received a photocopy of the three-part story he wrote for
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      THANKS SO MUCH!!!! SS Pennsylvania certainly makes more sense than the USS Pennsylvania!

      I also just received a photocopy of the three-part story he wrote for the Alaska Sportsman dealing with his 4 years gold hunting during the Klondike gold rush (1897-1901). He even mentions the census taker so I knew he was counted...checked the 1900 Alaska census and sure enough, there he was. The good thing about the article (written in 1955) is that he admits that he relies heavily on the journal of his mining partner which appeared to have kept a very thorough journal.

      Now, here's a question for ya'll: the 1900 & 1930 census mentions that he was naturalized. He would have been 1 or 2 years old when he immigrated. Would he have a separate naturalization file or would he have been naturalized along with his parents?

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      Tina -

      On the 1937 ship list -

      that's the *passenger* ship S.S.Pennsylvania
      - I'm not sure that the picture is of the correct ship:
      - there were several passenger & cargo ships of that name

      not the *military* ship the U.S.S.Pennsylvania (BB-38)

      California Passenger and Crew Lists
      Name: William Paxton
      Ship Name: S. S. Pennsylvania
      Port of Arrival: Los Angeles, California
      Arrival Date: 7 Aug 1937
      Port of Departure: Havana, Cuba
      Departure Date: 27 July 1937
      Age: 64 Birth Date: 2 May 1873
      Address: 955 Elgenare Rd Los Angeles Cal

      I would assume that he was enjoying a cruise to Havana
      (which implies a trip through the Panama Canal).

      World War I Draft Registration Card, 1917-1918
      Name: William Arthur Paxton
      City: Los Angeles
      County: Los Angeles
      State: California
      Birth Date: 2 May 1873
      Address: 955 Elgenare? Rd. Los Angeles L.A. Calif
      NOTE: same address!!

      1930 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
      address: 955 East Elgenare Rd
      Paxton, William, head 56 married at age 31
      - born Canada:Canada:England immigrated 1874 naturalized
      - occupation: professor, high school; veteran:No; owns the house
      (), Elizabeth, wife 56 married at age 31
      - born NewZealand:AtSea:England immigrated 1900 naturalized
      NOTE: same address!!!!

      > ... how to confirm ...
      > * Headed up arts department in Fairfax High School

      The 1930 census certainly confirms that he was some kind of teacher
      for a high school - the earlier censuses could give some further
      clue. And I know that lots of high schools keep old yearbooks - so,
      if Fairfax H.S. still exists (and even if it doesn't) then there is
      a good chance that old yearbooks are available and William should be
      pictured in them. And who knows - it may be on their website!

      FairFax High School, 7850 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA
      http://tinyurl.com/y9qdsn (same as the wikipedia URL)
      - I did a Google on query

      > ... how to confirm ...
      > * flew to New Zealand in 1946 or 1947

      He would have to go through Immigration Services for an airplane
      just as for a cruise ship, but I have no idea if such records
      are available on the internet.

      - Tom Knox IBSSG

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      > Update: There were two William Paxton's in the arts during the
      same period -- one of the Boston School and the other was my
      ancestor...and artist of note in his own right but I know I need to
      be careful to keep the two separate.
      > What I still can't figure out is what he was doing on the
      Pennsylvania in 1937. He was too old for military service.
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      > From: Tina Paxton
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      > Subject: Re: [Genealogy Research Club] Research help
      > Well, I had Googled before but it had been awhile so I
      thought "who knows, maybe something will pop up"... nothing about
      the facts I was inquiring about but....low and behold... I found him
      listed on numerous art auction sites! Seems he was an artist of some
      note...part of the "Boston School". One site has a biography of him
      but unless I pay for a membership, I'll have to wait until Friday to
      see it for free.
      > I don't have access to Ancestry, one of these days I'm going to
      break down and pay for a month's membership and see just how much
      research I can get done in one month.
      > A kind soul found him listed in the WWI Draft
      Registrations...AND, surprisingly, on a passenger list for the [USS]
      Pennsylvania arriving in Los Angeles in 1937. I would have dismissed
      that as a different person but the birthdate is exact. I suppose it
      could be a different William Paxton but seems like too much of a co-
      incidence. Anyway, as is typical...each piece of information opens
      up yet more areas of research to be done. To bad I'm not
      independently wealthy so I could do genealogy 24/7!

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