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John D Yerington

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  • Mary Stickney
    John D. Yerington is my 3rd great grandfather I was TOLD by family. I can not find any record of his birth , I found on the Family Search.org site that these
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 21, 2006
      John D. Yerington is my 3rd great grandfather I was TOLD by family. I can
      not find any record of his birth , I found on the Family Search.org site
      these were his parents.. I can not prove it at all.

      AND I can not prove that my 2nd great grandfather is his child, I can not
      find a birth record for him.
      I have for all the other children that were born in Iowa. My 2nd great
      grandmother was married before to Daniel Powell
      in FINDLAY , HANCOCK , OHIO in 1847 and Daniel may be a product of that
      marriage. I know he is my 2nd great as I have pictures
      of him and my great grandfather.

      Individual List - 21 Dec 2006

      Father JOHN DANIEL EZEKIEL YERINGTON-36697 (abt 1778-21 Dec 1851)
      Mother RHODA COVEY-28589 (abt 1780-)
      Birth 1809 or 1812 in OPINGHAM , SARATOGA , NEW YORK

      Spouse/Mate SARAH WADE-23172
      Marriage 6 Jun 1858 in CEDAR , IOWA (age 49)
      Child DANIEL WEBSTER YERINGTON-53835 (21 Apr 1855-25 Feb 1923) CLEVELAND ,
      Child JOSEPHINE YERINGTON-57046 (1856-)
      Child NETTIE YERINGTON-14366 (1858-)
      Child FRANK YERINGTON-23179 (1860-)
      Child ANNA YERINGTON-23178 (1866-)
      Child DELIA YERINGTON-20240 (4 Dec 1872-)

      Spouse/Mate MARY JANE UNKNOWN-53841
      Marriage 1836 (age 27)
      Child OSCAR YERINGTON-30 (1836-)
      Child CHARLES YERINGTON-11129 (1837-)
      Child ANDREW J. YERINGTON-11130 (1843-8 Jan 1863)
      Child ALICE YERINGTON-9959 (1847-)

      Spouse/Mate LAURA VESTER-27545
      Marriage 1838 (age 29)
      Child ANGELINE YERINGTON-11030 (abt 1838-)
      Child GEORGE WASHINGTON YERINGTON-53836 (29 Sep 1842-23 Sep 1905)
      Child EMMA YERINGTON-11168 (1849-21 Jan 1927)

      Census 1840 in Green Oak , Livingston , Michigan (age 31)
      Census 1850 in BRIGHTON , LIVINGSTON , MICHIGAN (age 41)
      Census 1860 in TIPTON , CEDAR , IOWA (age 51)
      Census 1870 in ROCHESTER , CEDAR , IOWA (age 61)
      Census 1880 in CEDAR , IOWA (age 71)

      Military 4 Aug 1847 in VERA CRUZ , MEXICO (age 38)
      Military 13 Apr 1848 in NEW ORLEANS , ORLEANS , LOUISIANA (age 39)

      Illness Kicked in pit of the stomach by a mule (Jun 1848) (age 39)

      judge insane after trying to drown himself and placed in jail for
      protection (20 Mar 1860) (age 51)
      Pension Mexican American War (8 Apr 1874) (age 65)
      Application for Increase of invalids pension (4 Aug 1874) (age 65)
      Description 5 foot 11 inches tall. He weighed 135 pounds. He had a dark
      complexion. (9 Aug 1877) (age 68)
      Declaration for the increase of an invalid pension (27 Mar 1879) (age 70)
      Description 5 foot 11 1/2 inches tall. He weighed 149 pounds. He had a dark
      complexion. (26 Sep 1883) (age 74)
      Death 20 Apr 1886 in ROCHESTER , CEDAR , IOWA (age 77)
      Application for Increase of invalids pension (8 Aug 1895) (age 86)

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