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Re: [Genealogy Research Club] I have a ?? Need soime desperate help

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  • Tina Ellsworth
    Thank you for your help fplum wrote: I am not too familar with Family Tree Maker (I only use the reader for the FTM discs that I have), but
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 13, 2006
      Thank you for your help

      fplum <fplum1@...> wrote: I am not too familar with Family Tree Maker (I only use the reader for the FTM discs that I have), but I do use Ancestry Family Tree. In the File menu it will allow me to import a gedcom into a .aft file that is already open.

      I got this from the help file of Family Archive Viewer ver 11 (copyright 2004)

      To open a GEDCOM file in Family Tree Maker for Windows:

      1. From the File menu, select Open Family File (ALT, F, O).
      2. Click the Files of type drop-down list and then select GEDCOM (*.GED).

      Note: If you are trying to open a PAF file from the Macintosh version of PAF, you must first save the PAF file in PAF's DOS format before attempting to open it in FTW.

      3. In the Look in lists, select the drive and folder where the file you want to open is located and then select the file name. If you are unsure where your file is, click Find file and follow the instructions in Finding files.
      4. Click Open.

      Family Tree Maker displays the New Family File dialog box.

      5. In the Save in lists, select the drive and folder where you installed Family Tree Maker. (usually C:\FTW).
      6. In the New Family File dialog box, give the GEDCOM file a new name so that Family Tree Maker can make a copy of it and convert the copy to a Family Tree Maker for Windows file.

      You can either click Save to accept the name that Family Tree Maker suggests or type a new name and then click Save. The file name must have the extension .FTW.
      Family Tree Maker reloads your file as a Family Tree Maker for Windows file and then displays the Import from GEDCOM dialog box.

      7. Some programs format information slightly differently than Family Tree Maker. Using the options below, you can reformat your information.

      · Location - Family Tree Maker will allow up to 256 characters in this field. You may select either the Keep first part if location fields are too long, or, Keep last part if location fields are too long options if you are importing from a file format that allows more than 256 characters.

      · Options - Some programs (like PAF) add an underscore between compound names (for example, St._Germaine). Check Delete underscore from names to replace the underscore with a space. Some programs also don't put spaces between the city, county, and state in location fields. Check Add spacing in location fields to add the normal space between these words (if necessary).

      · Facts to Import - Choose this to display the Facts to Import dialog box. The list on the left contains the Family Tree Maker fact names available to be imported. The list on the right shows what those facts will be called after they are imported. After selecting a fact, use the appropriate options to Change a Fact, Create a New Fact, or Don't Import the fact at all.

      8. Click OK again to create the Family File.

      Note: If any errors were generated as your Family File was created, Family Tree Maker asks you if you want to see an error report. If you choose to look at the error report immediately, Family Tree Maker will display it. If you want to look at it later, you can open it in a word processor such as Notepad or MS Word. The file will be in the same folder and have the same name as the Family File you just created, except with the extension .LST.

      Family Tree Maker version 11

      By merging two files, you can combine all of the information from both files into a single family file. You may want to merge files created by a relative that have some family members in common, or to merge a World Family Tree file that includes some of your ancestors.
      To merge two files:

      1. Open one file in Family Tree Maker.
      2. From the Family Page view, open the File menu and select Append/Merge Family File.
      3. Family Tree Maker prompts you to back up your file before merging. This is a good idea since merging can make major changes to your file.
      4. Family Tree Maker displays the Open Family File dialog box . Select the file you wish to merge. This will be the Source file.
      5. Family Tree Maker displays the Individuals to Include dialog box . Use it to select which individuals you wish to merge from the Source file.

      6. Family Tree Maker checks whether you want to merge the two files, or simply to add new records from the Source file to the Destination without merging them. At this time, you can also preview your merge by clicking the button to view the Merge Files Report (pre-merge).
      7. If you choose to merge, Family Tree Maker automatically merges identical individuals and sources from your file. If there are matches it's not sure of, it displays them in the Likely Matches dialog box .

      8. Finally, Family Tree Maker displays all the individuals for whom it could not find matches in the Unmatched Individuals dialog box. If you wish, you can then force a merge between any of these individuals and people in your file.

      Your merge is now complete. You can view the Merge Files Report (post-merge), if you wish.

      Undoing a Merge
      You can Undo the most recent file merge anytime during the current session (as long as you have your family file open). Click the Edit menu and select Undo File Merge.

      Family Tree Maker version 11

      Hope this helps!

      Forrest Plumstead fplum1@...
      Researching the following Surnames:
      Bushouse, Plumstead, Risser, Schroeder, Senne, Thayer,
      Quaker Families: Coppock, Heald, Hobson, Hollingsworth, Potts, Ross, Watt
      Plumstead and Associated Families: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~fplum/
      Military Kool Lynx: http://geocities.com/fplum/
      Ham Radio WB5HQO http://forrest.3h.com/main.html

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      From: Tina Ellsworth
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      Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2006 11:33 AM
      Subject: [Genealogy Research Club] I have a ?? Need soime desperate help

      Ok I have Family Tree Maker 2006, a family member sent me a GED file with alot of family history on it, but I already have a tree started is there a way to either print all thats on the file she sent me (where it will include all siblings & children) to where I can add it to what I already have OR is there an easier way to add it mine where I wont lose any of my information (cause I was told if you try and add a file it will overwrite anything you had on there.
      Any help will be greatly appreciated.
      (I feel silly asking so many ?'s but like I've said before I'm just picking this back up again)

      Tina E

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