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Re: [Genealogy Research Club] Re: TB sanitoriums

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  • April Payne
    Thank you and I m sorry to hear of your recent loss. My father was the eldest of nine children. Grandma was a good Catholic, *wink. The youngest two children
    Message 1 of 19 , Aug 9, 2006
      Thank you and I'm sorry to hear of your recent loss.

      My father was the eldest of nine children. Grandma was a good Catholic, *wink. The youngest two children were taken away by the state being so very young (babies, really), since Grandma's condition wasn't good. The woman who was their foster mother took them illegally out of state and they were "missing" for forty-five years! I have to chalk it up to my Aunt Dolly, the youngest daughter, who never gave up. She hunted down her birth certificate whenever her "mother" was out of the house and in her teens learned what her true surname was.

      As an adult, she hit the library and systematically went through all the phones books until she found a man that bore her father's name. She wrote to him and it turned out to be my Uncle! He contacted his other sisters and next thing I know I'm getting a phone call to come for a family reunion! Most of the siblings live out here in California (only one of them was deceased at the time, my father's next younger brother who died of a brain tumor when he was ten ) so it wasn't hard for them to gather. What really impressed my Aunt and uncle, (Billy was the youngest in the family and those two were raised together at least) was that the second generation, all of us cousins, knew their names and that they existed!

      So, seeing as this group has been so fragmented, and their grandmother had cut her own children off from their father's English family, it's no wonder my digging is so hard and that my work has really been cut out for me.


      Keri <Keri_AZ@...> wrote:
      I am so sorry for your loss.
      I dont know much about TB back then and what happened to many of the
      people. My Grandmother was one of the survivors. After her coming
      home she found out she was pregnant with my mother. The Dr told her
      to end the pregnancy cause she was too weak to carry a baby. She
      said NO.
      My Grandmother ever since has been terrified of being put in the
      hospital or a nursing home so my parents cared for her until she
      passed away earlier this year. My Mom and Dad spent the past 10
      years caring for her AND raising my neice and nephew who are now 17
      and 18. Brave brave parents.


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