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Re: Gottfried Graf

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  • Suanne
    Thanks Ron! Suanne
    Message 1 of 12 , Jul 14, 2006
      Thanks Ron!


      --- In genealogyresearchclub@yahoogroups.com, Ron Lahav
      <shmendrik1812@...> wrote:
      > Hello Suanne,
      > Glad I could help. What you should do now is to give
      > your daughter and her fiancé copies of the
      > documentation which you have and let them wander over
      > to the Department of Germanic Languages at the
      > University of New Mexico (I assume that this is the
      > university in Albuquerque which she attends). There
      > will be lots of native German speakers wandering
      > around the office, and she should try to contact one
      > of them, take him/her down to the Student Union over a
      > cup of coffee, and show him/her the documents. If the
      > student (who will be a grad student in the US working
      > as a Teaching Assistant in German to improve his/her
      > command of English) appears interested, have your
      > daughter invite him/her over to your place for dinner,
      > maybe a barbecue, and then you cab sit down and write
      > a draft in English which he/she can then translate
      > into German and send to the Manheimer Stadtarchiv.
      > Using a student will be cheaper than using an actual
      > faculty member. Perhaps you can sign on your computer
      > with your password and then let him/her onto the
      > Mannheim Archives e-mail address. If the student wants
      > to contact me, please give him/her my e-mail address.
      > Hope this helps.
      > Ron in Geordieland
      > > Thank you Ron! My daughter attends the University
      > > here in
      > > Albuquerque and her fiance is a teacher. I'm sure we
      > > can find
      > > someone for the task!
      > > I really appreciate your assistance!
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