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Brickwall: PICKERELL, Levi Sr., and HITT, Susannah Rosannah

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  • Jeanne
    PICKERELL, Levi Sr., and HITT, Susannah Rosannah This is my major brickwall. I have had it for almost as long as I have been doing genealogy (since 1991) if
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2006
      PICKERELL, Levi Sr., and HITT, Susannah Rosannah
      This is my major brickwall. I have had it for almost as long as I
      have been doing genealogy (since 1991) if anyone can help it would
      be greatly appreciated. I am hoping that someone can give me some
      clue to where I can find information on possibly finding who Levi
      PICKERELL, Sr.'s parents were. I have a possible name of Richard
      PICKERELL from another researcher, but that is only because they
      appear in same area in 1810 census. All my research into that person
      however states he didn't have a child by the name of Levi (nothing
      primary on Richard has been found as of yet). Anything anyone can
      contribute would help. What I have so far on the individual is
      listed below:
      These would be my gr-gr-gr-gr-grandparents: Levi PICKERELL, Sr. and
      Susannah Rosannah HITT.
      Levi PICKERELL, Sr. was born Abt. 1782 probably in Virginia. He
      married Susannah Rosannah HITT on or about 12 January 1809 in
      Fauquier Co., VA (Marriage bond). Susannah was born on 2 April 1790
      in Fauquier Co., VA. She was the twin sister of Elizabeth HITT who
      m. John R. CALLOW. They were the daughters of John HITT and Sarah
      DAY-PACE. The last census that I have been able to find for Levi
      PICKERELL, Sr. and Susannah Rosannah HITT is the 1850 census. Being
      that they were listed as being 68 (Levi), and 60 (Susannah) in 1850
      and the fact that I have not been able to find them in any of the
      children's households in 1860 census (baring Alfred who I also
      cannot find after 1850), I believe that Levi and Sarah died between
      1850 and 1860. I have not been able to locate death records for
      Levi PICKERELL, Sr. was in War of 1812, I have not sent for this
      record from National Archives.
      Known Children:
      1. Lucinda PICKERELL, b. abt. 1815, d. abt. 1878, m. Thomas MAZE on
      05 Apr 1838 in Jackson Co., VA
      2. Sarah Ann PICKERELL, b. abt. 1820, d. Bet. Jan - 02 Nov 1850 m.
      Ephraim Thomas DOOLITTLE on 05 Oct 1842 in Jackson Co., WV, (note:
      Ephraim married again on Nov. 2, 1850 Wirt Co., WV. Sarah is wife in
      1850 census)
      3. Levi PICKERELL, Jr., b. 10 Dec. 1822 (funeral home plaque), m.
      Mrs. Mariah (RADER) WALKER (widow of Macklin WALKER) on 21 Sep 1848
      in Wirt Co., VA. (See Other posting for more information on this
      4. Susan PICKERELL, b. abt. 1827, d. abt 1859, m. William PRICE on
      02 Apr 1848 in Jackson Co., VA
      5. Alfred PICKERELL, b. abt. 1829 (No further information)
      6. Elenor Jane PICKERELL, b. 15 July 1833, d. 19 May 1897, m. James
      Lewis BOARD on 30 Nov 1850 in Wirt Co., VA.
      1810 - Dumfrees, VA (ancestry lists it as Prince George Co., but map
      says it is township in Prince William Co., VA)
      Levi Pickerell 1-0-1-0-0-0-0-2-0-0-0-0-1
      1 male 0-10, 1 male 16-26, 2 females 16-26, 1(?)
      1820 Census Fauquier Co., VA (he is last name on page - several
      Pickett's on the page with him)
      Microfilm #: M33-136
      p. 113 Pickerell, Levi 1-0-0-0-1-0-2-0-0-0-1-0-1-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-
      1 male 0-10, 1 male 26-45, 1 Female 0-10, 1 Female 0-10, 1 female
      45+, 1 in Agriculture
      1830 Census - Fauquier Co., VA, page 418a line 1
      Pickrell, Levi
      2-1-0-0-0-0-1-0-0-0-0-0-0-1-1-0-0-0-1-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-No slaves listed
      total # is 7 in house.
      2 males 0-5, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 40-50, 1 female 0-5, 1 female 5-10,
      1 female 30-40
      1840 Census Jackson Co., VA page 215, line 14, possibly Ravenswood
      Pickerell, Levi 0-0-0-1-1-0-0-0-1-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-1-1-0-0-0-1
      1 male 15-20, 1 male 20 - 30, 1 male 60-70, 1 female 15-20, 1 female
      20 - 30, 1 female 60 - 70
      1850 Census of District 70, Wirt Co., West Virginia Roll 981, pg.
      62, household 112-112, taken July 17, 1850.
      Levi Pickeril, Sr. 68 b. VA Farmer
      Susanna Pickeril 60 b. VA
      Stephen Pickeril 25 b. VA, Farmer
      Alfred Pickeril 21 b. VA, Laborer
      Ellen Pickeril 16 b. VA
      Note also there is an Alfred Pickerell in Jackson County 1850 that
      is 21 on pg. 263 b line 37. Perhaps he was working at both or owned
      the land there? or maybe the census taker got the information from
      another person other than family? 1848 was when Wirt Co., was formed
      and it was formed from Jackson and Wood co's.
      Paul Thorn (another researcher) stated this in an email dated 2 Feb.
      Levi Pickerell was born about 1781, probably in northern Virginia,
      but possibly in Maryland. All of the sources I have found place his
      birth in Virginia, but his family was almost certainly from
      Maryland. If he was not the son of Richard Pickerell and Amelia
      Marlow (and this is my best guess), then he was probably their
      nephew. However, much more research needs to be done on this before
      coming to any conclusions. I am reasonably sure that his age in the
      1850 Census is accurate; the ages of the other members of the family
      all check out.
      Susannah Hitt was born on April 2, 1790 in Fauquier County,
      Virginia, to John and Sarah Hitt. She had a twin sister, Elizabeth,
      who married John R. Callow, and came over the mountains to the Reedy
      Valley with the Pickerells. I believe that the marriage record,
      which gives her name as "Rosannah," is mistaken. I do not think her
      name is so given in any other original sources, all of which record
      her name as Susannah or Susan. The date of January 12, 1809 is
      almost certainly not the date of marriage, but the date that Levi's
      marriage bond was given. They were probably married within a few
      days, but probably not on the day of the bond. Most marriages
      occurred within 2-5 days of the bond, although some were performed
      sooner and some a week or more after bond was given.
      ... (Section he talks about the HITT family)
      ... (continues PICKERELL family)
      Levi and Susannah were apparently married shortly after January 12,
      1809. I say apparently because (1) all that we have is a bond for
      their marriage, and (2) an event occurred shortly thereafter which
      might have had a severe impact on the relationship between Levi and
      Susannah. A woman named Nancy Carrol gave birth to a daughter on
      February 21, 1808 (date not entirely clear), and declared that Levi
      was the father. This took place at the house of Joseph Neale,
      probably the same Joseph Neale who married Nancy Pickerell in 1803.
      Because the child was born out of wedlock, and "likely to become a
      public charge," a warrant was issued on February 7, 1809 for Levi's
      arrest. I have not learned whether he was apprehended, gave bond,
      stood trial, or was acquitted. However, the next record of Levi is
      the 1810 Census of Prince William County, where he is enumerated,
      presumably with Susannah, and the next record is in Henrico County,
      which is some distance away, where in 1812 Levi gave bond for the
      marriage of John R. Callow and Elizabeth Hitt. It occurs to me that
      Elizabeth may have been the other woman in Levi's household in 1810;
      she would have been living with her sister. I can think of no good
      explanation for what any of them were doing in Henrico County,
      because John R. Callow was a resident of Fauquier County, like the
      others. However, the only records of Levi Pickerell that I have seen
      between January 1809 and the 1820 place him far from home, which
      makes one wonder just a bit about how Nancy Carrol's suit turned
      out. That reminds me: I found were also three records of a Levi
      Pickerell in the War of 1812, but none of them seemed to indicate
      his place of residence.
      As for the 1810 Census, I used to think that the last number in the
      enumeration indicated that one person was engaged in agriculture,
      but now I think it indicates one person engaged in manufacture or
      trade. The warrant against Levi in 1809 gives his profession
      as "shoemaker." This being the case, following the entries for free
      white males and females are columns for other free persons
      (excluding Indians), number of persons engaged in agriculture,
      number of persons engaged in commerce, and number of persons engaged
      manufacture or trade. This is the order usually recited, and it
      would explain the entry very well.
      ... (he then starts talking about what he has on the children and
      mentions additional one named Stephen born about 1825 - note I have
      found no record other than his listing that shows this child.)
      end of email from Paul Thorn.
      Thats all the information that I have on Levi PICKERELL, Sr. except
      that sometimes one of his descendants with the same first name (my
      great grandfather, Levi Orlando Pickerell / Pickrell) went by "SAM"
      in the records so this may have been a nickname in the family. I
      mention this because I have found mention of Levi Sr or his son Levi
      Jr as "Sam" in some secondary sources that were written around early
      1900's. They stop at Levi Sr. as well and every researcher that I
      have found so far that is doing this line, granted their isn't a lot
      of us looking for him, seems to be stuck on him as well. There is a
      big family of PICKERELL's in MD in counties that are just across the
      bay from where they were in 1810 census listing, but I have not been
      able to connect them to my Levi Sr. yet. Any help would be

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