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Re: [Genealogy Research Club] Does anybody know what "Zambie" means?

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  • Patricia Collins
    Hi Ruth, In reference to your first paragraph, like you I don t know his reasonings for doing it, but I can shed a bit of light on the ways of doing things .
    Message 1 of 18 , Apr 28, 2006
      Hi Ruth,

      In reference to your first paragraph, like you I don't know his reasonings for doing it, but I can shed a bit of light on the "ways of doing things". If he was baptized and a member of the Catholic Church and she was not, then she had the opportunity to convert to Catholism. If she did not do this, then the marriage could not take place within the Catholic faith/church and therefore had to be performed as a Civil Marriage. Now, when this occurs the Catholic Church does not "recognize" the marriage. So, for all sense and purposes he was not married to her in the "eyes of the church". This practice still goes on today. Why it would make a difference( if any) in land ownership I don't know, someone else will have to help you in this area.

      As far as the last name, I still think it somehow comes in on a maternal lines. When I checked out Zambie/Zombie on ancestry.com I found families who were not colored (if that's what you are looking for) in the areas you mentioned on previous posts. ? Are you maybe trying to limit your geographical area too much? State/County/City lines have changed so much in the past that an area might seem out of range, when it is fact right in the area you need to look. If your family was dark skinned the census taker may have automatically listed them as colored without them realizing it? This happened a lot with families that had Native American and other nationalities with darker skin in their background. Strangely brothers and sisters of these very people who were married and in separate households were listed as white. (Just a couple of thoughts as a reminder that we must follow any and all leads.) I have no doubt that the answers will turn up for you; I just hope it
      doesn't drive you crazy like one of mine has for the past 26 years! :)))

      Good Luck,

      Ruth Joyce Kidder <chauvindejoyeuse@...> wrote:
      Hi! I've done some more checking and just wanted to give an update. If anybody has any ideas on the matter, PLEASE, let me know! This is the info that I have:

      Ok, in 1840 there is a church birth record for a Susanne B 14 June 1840 (Sonya Victor Zombie JOYEUX). Her parents were Joseph JOYEUSE B:1804 (s/o Joseph CHAUVIN dit JOYEUSE B: 1769 and Celeste CARDINAL) and Susanne BONHOMME. A civil marriage is mentioned at his son Joseph's B: 1829 baptism. In Joseph's (B: 1804) statement RE: bounty land, he said that Susanne was NOT baptized in the Catholic church. I don't know why this would be so important for him to mention in this transaction, but he did.

      There is also a church record for the marriage (#1) of Wm. Zombie JOYEUSE B: 1798 (s/o Joseph CHAUVIN dit JOYEUSE B: 1769 and Celeste CARDINAL) to Francoise DORAN des COURRAND. Up until this, he had been referred to as Guillaume JOYEUSE. Even after this date, he is not mentioned as "Zombie" JOYEUSE very much-mostly just different spellings of JOYEUSE.
      His mother, Celeste CARDINAL (widow of Joseph LEVERON) was listed in church records as Zombie (JOYEUSE) Celeste when she died in 1845 but never at any other time.

      One website (can't remember which one) lists a christening for a Guillaume ZOMBIE (s/o Guillaume ZOMBIE and Josephine DeLISLE) in 1839 which would have been 8 years after his birth so I don't know if this is correct. Guillaume is also sometimes listed as William. Josephine is also sometimes listed as Josette. In the official records that I have found, he is never referred to as ZOMBIE JOYEUSE. Also, his son Guillaume or William (B: 1831 C: 1839) is never referred to as ZOMBIE. In every single record that I have found, he is only known as William JOYCE.

      This same Josephine (or Josette) DELISLE JOYEUSE (widow of Henry LATOUR) is listed with her children (but not her husband Guillaume/William JOYEUSE whom I believe died in 1849) as Josephine ZOMBE (in ancestry.com search it actually came up as GOMBE but that's not what it is on the actual census) with her children William, Eliza, Christmas, John, and Edward and her son from first marriage Henry LATOUR. All the other children are also listed as ZOMBE but ONLY on this census. They were not listed as such on the census prior to or after 1850 and not in ANY other records.

      I did an ancestry.com search on the surname ZOMBE/ZAMBIE/ZOMBIE and the people that I found that would have lived anywhere near the same areas as my ancestors, were listed as colored and the dates that they were born or married just didn't fit in with my ancestor's timelines. After 1850, I have found no other family members with the name/word ZOMBE included with the JOYCE/JOICE surname. In records back to 1561, I have found no reference to a ZOMBE/ZAMBIE/ZOMBIE maiden name either.

      Sorry this is so long. I've probably given way too much info but I am soooo confused and frustrated. Help!!! :)
      Thanks a bunch,

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      From: Patricia Collins
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      Subject: Re: [Genealogy Research Club] Does anybody know what "Zambie" means?

      Personally I think all the religious reference to Zombie/Zamie is off kelter. My experience over the years with the Catholic Church is that if it is not "of the Church" then it is just not recognized by the Church; just as plain and simple as that. I believe it is a family name.... that somewhere Zombie/Zambie married into the Joyeuse/Joyeux line. There are many descendants of Zambie/Zombie lineage listed in public directories that you might contact to see if they have any info of their family intermarrying with the Joyeuse family.

      Good Luck,

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