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Re: [Genealogy Research Club] Re: need suggestions please!

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  • Judi Hardin
    ... I know, isn t it awful? And they re simple compared to the Agees (also on my mother s side of the family). MIght be a long shot but have you ... Well, I
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2006
      Vicki writes:

      > It made me dizzy reading it. *smile"

      I know, isn't it awful? And they're simple compared to the Agees (also on
      my mother's side of the family).

      MIght be a long shot but have you
      > looked into any history books of the county or listings for the state
      > for any biographies of these names in the areas they lived? Do any of
      > the other neighbors look like they might be related or even traveling
      > together? Once in a while there will be a biography on someone else
      > that will mention if the people came as a group, or even trivial
      > things that will help us figure things out. I hope some others have
      > other suggestions. Good Luck.

      Well, I have a copy of a town history published in 1976. Part of the
      problem is that most of these people were not-too-prosperous farmers--no
      judges or doctors or teachers or bankers. Anthony's oldest son became the
      owner of a shoe store, and there's a picture of him (the son, not the
      father) dated 1902 when he was on the board of one of the local churches.
      Anyhow, being modest sorts of folks, they tend not to show up in histories
      or pictures. In the book there's a general mention of "a colony of Germans"
      arriving in August 1840--too early for my folks--a second group arriving in
      1842-43--also too early for my Meyers--and a finally a group in 1853, which
      is, I think, my group, since the ones who were alive for the 1900 census (I
      think that's the one that asks for year of immigration) all mention 1852-54.
      It gives a few names--Mortimeyer and Sasse were in the first group--but no

      Several of the people involved have probate records--all three Meyers,
      Fredolin's wife Christina, Anthony's and Fredolin's sons, Fredolin's
      son-in-law, Phillipina's first husband--so I may see if I can get copies and
      see if there's anything useful in them. I suppose it would be best to start
      with the 3 Meyers and work from there.

      Judi Hardin

      The misuse of language induces evil of the soul - Socrates
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