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Dinsmore/Adams HELP/ Skeletons in the closet :)

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  • Kirk
    I am stuck. My maternal grandmother passed away when my mother was 7. When asked about her ancestrors, her paternal family would respond You are American .
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2006
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      I am stuck.

      My maternal grandmother passed away when my mother was 7. When asked
      about her ancestrors, her paternal family would respond "You are
      American". Relationship with mother's family terminated.

      My maternal grandmother was Elizabeth Bennetta Adams. My maternal
      grandfather was Andrew Burton Kakara. They may or may not have been

      Great grandparents:


      Father: Henry Adams, born December 1845, London England
      Mother: Bennetta Elva Dinsmore, born December 30, 1876, Colfax, Placer
      County, CA


      Elizabeth Bennetta, born January 6, 1894, Colfax, Placer, CA
      Died February 2, 1936, Sacramento, Sacramento, CA as Elizabeth Kakara.
      She is my grandmother.

      Clara Elva, born November 11, 1894, Colfax, Placer, CA

      Henry, born August 28, 1899, Colfax, Placer, CA

      Fred, born October, 23, 1901, Colfax, Placer, CA

      Anna Dorothy, born June 26, 1904, Colfax, Placer, CA
      Died September 30, 1995, Davis, Yolo, CA
      Married Ernie Mattos, childless

      Family is listed on 1900 Census in Grass Valley, Nevada County, CA

      Bennetta Elva Dinsmore's parents:

      Husband: Rob Dinsmore, born about 1835, Ohio
      Wife: Lizzie, born about 1850, Missouri

      Ross, born about 1869, California

      Binnie, born about 1876, California. Presumably this is Bennetta Elva

      Daniel, born about 1879, California

      This is from the 1880 Census, Township #4, Placer County, CA.

      Family legend has it that they are related to President Buchanan. I
      know he died unmarried and presumbly childless.

      I have had a professional attempt to locate a marriage record for
      Andrew Kakara and Elizabeth Adams without success. One of my uncles
      recently mentioned they were never married. Elizabeth Adams was
      previously married to a Justin Ives. Legend had that he had passed
      away prior to making family with Andrew Kakara. They had a daughter
      Winifred. She was born about 1917. The genealogist did find a record
      of the marriage to Justin Ives but it was some years after the birth
      of Winifred.

      If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

      My other ancestors I have successfully traced back to Europe,
      including the Kakara line.


      Nitz, California, Wisconsin, Germany
      Baier, Wisconsin, Germany
      Reading, California, Utah, New Zealand, England
      Swaner/Svane, Utah, Denmark
      Hogberg, Utah, Sweden
      Kakara, California, Colorado, Illinois, Slovak Republic
      Andrisko, Colorado, Illinois, Slovak Republic
      Adams, California, England
      Dinsmore, California, Ohio

      Kirk Nitz
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