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  • Ron Lahav
    Hello Stephanie, Although I do not know anything specifically about your family, and in fact my interests lie in Eastern European Jewish family history,I
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2006
      Hello Stephanie,

      Although I do not know anything specifically about
      your family, and in fact my interests lie in Eastern
      European Jewish family history,I might be able to
      confirm that your ancestor Ephrem may indeed have come
      from Canada, particularly since they seem to have
      lived in the Dakotas. During the 1870s and 1880s there
      was a series of protests, almost an actual revolt, in
      fact, on the part of the Métis in Canada. They were
      the descendants of the original French Coureurs du
      Bois, or Couriers of the Forest, who were explorers
      who penetrated into what is now central Canada from
      Québec during the 18th and early 19th Centuries. They
      married Native American women, and their children
      tended to marry each other. These children were known
      as the Métis, and as I said they actually organized an
      armed revolt in Manitoba and western Ontario. The
      first task of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the
      Mounties, was in fact to suppress this revolt, which
      they did with great force and brutality. Many Métis
      and their families were killed, and several hundred
      survivors fled south into the contiguous parts of the
      US, where they settled in the Dakotas. You can look up
      the Métis on Wikipedia, and also do a Google! Search
      on them as well. It sounds as if Ephrem and in fact
      his wife's people himself were part of this Méti

      Hope this helps.

      Ron Lahav
      Newcastle upon Tyne

      > Please help me find the people who started this
      > family. I am
      > searching for a man named Ephrem Gregoire who
      > married Mary Alphonsine
      > Le Blanc on April 12,1883. She could be known by
      > Alphonsine she might
      > have dropped Mary from her name. Alphonsine was born
      > May 16,1860. I
      > do not know any information on their parents.
      > To this union three children were born :
      > Mary O. Gregoire DOB: August 17,1886.
      > Victor Ephrem Gregoire DOB: March 2,1889, in Souix
      > City, Iowa. Victor
      > died November 14,1961, in Geddes, South Dakota.
      > Mary Eugenia O. Gregoire DOB: October 24,1890, she
      > might have been
      > born in Iowa also. She went by Eugenia when she died
      > December 27,
      > 1959, in Minnesota.
      > I have no dates of Ephrem's birth, where he was
      > born, or who was
      > his parents. I do not know where Ephrem and
      > Alphonsine were married.
      > I do not know where their daughter Mary O.
      > Gregoire was burried.
      > Mary died from polio or something like that at age
      > 12 or 13 (so that
      > would be about 1898 or 1899).
      > Ephrem might have came from Canada and the
      > children might have
      > all been born in Souix City, Iowa. The information
      > that I have said
      > that Ephrem and Alphonsine farmed in Canada but it
      > does not say
      > nothing else. Many girls were born with the first
      > name Mary because
      > back in the 1800's in Canada Mary was the name to
      > name all little
      > girls but as the girls grew up most went with their
      > middle names as
      > their legal names.
      > Please if someone can help I would very much
      > appreciate the
      > help. Thank you and Blessings to you all.

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